Thursday, August 20th, 2015

Restaurant owners are now able to transform their guests into loyal customers thanks to a new partnership between Dimmi & MyGuestlist.  The move combines Australia’s premier online restaurant reservation system, with the leading customer engagement platform.  The result is a seamlessly integrated system that makes it easier for restaurants to convert single visit customers into lifelong regulars.

The partnership solves the biggest headache for restaurant owners, how to effectively communicate with their existing customer base.  Until now, reservation and customer engagement systems did not talk to one another.  Now the two systems seamlessly integrate with one another, meaning the customer relationship can be managed correctly from day one, driving them back in store for subsequent visits.


Top 5 benefits for restaurant owners

  1. New customers are professionally engaged from day one to generate repeat visits
  2. Customer details are automatically captured and added to contact database
  3. Marketing communication are coordinated through one online portal
  4. Marketing automation can be setup across , email, SMS, vouchers and more.
  5. System facilitates; event ticketing, social media, online competitions & vouchers


Within one single portal, restaurants can now manage their customer database (which is seamlessly up to date), setup automated marketing messages based on customer behaviours and craft impactful marketing campaigns across multiple channels. Restaurants also gain access to a full suite of marketing tools, including venue voucher sales, social media competitions and an event ticketing system. The solution reduces time and cost by streamlining the marketing process, whilst also ensuring full legal.

This is a win for any restaurant, reducing the burden of advertising by increasing visitation frequency of already satisfied customers. Venues with high customer loyalty, see higher profit margins and reduced marketing costs.

“One of the biggest challenges for restaurants today is that it’s super expensive to get new customers through the door and then just as hard to get them back again. The big goal here is to help our restaurants stay connected with their customers and in doing so help them boost the top-line” said Stevan Premutico, CEO & found of Dimmi.

“The partnership is great for restaurant owners, allowing them to easily leverage their most valuable asset – their customer database - to proactively drive customer engagement and ultimately attain loyal customers.” said David Waite, CEO of MyGuestlist.


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About MyGuestlist

We work off a very easy principle at MyGuestlist. We take our work seriously, but not ourselves. What this translates to, is an interest in helping out all users big or small on whatever problems they may have with their operations or marketing.  Whether you work at a small little local bar or are operating a chain of restaurants, nightclubs and casinos, we are here to pioneer the latest emerging tech trends for the industry all under the one easy-to-use platform. The decision to only service the Entertainment & Hospitality industry has allowed us to create a powerful, dynamic and ever-evolving set of products and features (plus the founding team first developed the concept for their own venues first). All this means is we can move incredibly quickly on updating and integrating with changes in the industry. Currently there are thousands of bars, clubs, restaurants, pubs, promoters, sub-promoters and event organizers around the world who are happy users of MyGuestlist.

David Waite
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