Thursday, August 20th, 2015

Randwick social entrepreneur Emma House and her venture team are taking on the plant supplier market and are using StartSomeGood crowdfunding platform to raise capital.

According to the ABS Australia is home to around 7 million households with gardens and it’s those gardens and gardeners that the venture team are hoping to connect - not just with each other but also all around the world.

"We want people to think differently about the value that well established and cultivated gardens and potted plants have – animals have shelters but plants have nowhere" 

Startled by the Abbott Governments’ stance on climate change and after watching a garden worth around $30,000 and cultivated over 30 years being demolished Emma decided to do something about how we think about gardens.

“If we can’t think of our own backyards as being valuable then how can we teach our children that our environment and sustainability matters, even the smallest plant is worth the effort for the greater good of our world 

The venture team are aiming to create the largest online platform for gardeners.   It aims to connect all the community gardens, cultivators, harvesters, planter box appreciators and growers and allow them to trade.

“Our strategic growth plan is to start local and then connect global…….our gardeners can buy, sell and exchange with each other and we want people to come to us first before any other plant supplier”

For further details on StartSomeGood and the Adopt-A-Garden campaign please visit here

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Adopt-A-Garden matches people with gardens.  It's aim is to be the largest online platform for gardeners to connect no matter where they live. 

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