Saturday, August 15th, 2015

A CASE of atomic adolescent angst is set to explode among Grease-style tunes and Happy Days humour when a zombie is let loose during a 1950s rock’n’roll musical this September.

Presented by Dark Psychic Productions at Phoenix Theatre, Zombie Prom is set at Enrico Fermi High School where the pretty senior girl Toffee falls for the class bad boy.

Family pressure forces her to end the romance and he charges off on his motorbike to a nuclear waste dump – and returns glowing, determined to reclaim Toffee's heart and graduate high school.

“It’s a case of boy meets girl, boy gets dumped, boy then takes a headlong dive into a nuclear silo and boy returns to win back the one he loves,” director Ryan S. McNally said.

“The show has that cheesy ’50s humour similar to Happy Days, so it’s fun for the entire ‘nuclear’ family.

Zombie Prom is full of dancing and singing and leans more towards a pop-rock opera with an underscore through the majority of the show.

“The songs themselves are upbeat, camp and super-catchy and do an awesome job telling the narrative – it has strong similarities to Grease in the sense of sound and feel.”

Acting from age 13, McNally created Dark Psychic Productions in 2012, producing six shows and four showcases over the past three years with many staged at Phoenix Theatre.

His desire to direct Zombie Prom came from the idea of working on something that is both fun for the audience and all cast, crew and band members involved.

“My priorities have changed over the years,” McNally said. “I want to produce something that is going to be remembered but, at the same time, take the audience away from reality for a few hours.

“Also having a cast say they have had a wonderful experience with the show is another of my main goals.

Zombie Prom does have its share of challenges, including changing someone from human to zombie in 13 minutes.

“There are maybe one or two blackouts in the whole show as each scene rolls into the next and there are three set changes in the first song, so I’ve had to be creative with my set and how I’ve staged the actors.

“But I’m lucky to have a strong production team supporting me – many of my ideas have been pitched to them and they just run with it, whether it’s the set, costumes or custom-made props.”

Zombie Prom plays at 8pm September 10, 11, 12, 17, 18, 19, 24, 25 and 26 with a 2pm matinee September 20. Tickets are $25 adults, $20 concessions and children, plus transaction fees – book at or on 0422 394 749.

Raffle and program sales, along with funds raised from other activities, will go to the Perth Zombie Walk (an event that raises money for the Brain Foundation) and Motor Neurone Disease Association of WA.

Phoenix Theatre is located at 435 Carrington Street, Hamilton Hill, within the Hamilton Hill Memorial Hall.



zombie1:  Zombie Prom features Megan Kerr, left, as Candy, Kathryn McCarthy as Toffee, Gabriella Guidone as Coco and Jayde Clark as Ginger. Picture: Sally Newman

zombie2-3: Toffee (Kathryn McCarthy, right) falls for bad body Johnny Warner (Oliver Kaiser) in Zombie Prom. Picture: Sally Newman

zombie4: The cast and crew of the atomic comic musical Zombie Prom. Picture: Sally Newman


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With original works we combine show styles like cabaret, dinner, quiz, theater, musical, drama and improvisational and mix them with themes like pirates, horror, burlesque, magic and murder mystery. We allow the actors to be creative and the result is honest and personal for the actor and the show sometimes become completely different from the original idea but works.

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