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The seldom heard heroes of Syria

Interview opportunity: Daniel Adamson - special Guest Editor of the September issue of the New Internationalist magazine on Syria - is available for interview via Skype and FaceTime. Contact details for Daniel:

  • email: daniel dot silas dot adamson at gmail dot com
  • Twitter: @danielsilas
  • phone (UK): +44 (0)7903 027884
  • Skype: daniel.adamson

Over the past two years, news from Syria has been dominated by the emergence of ISIS and by the ongoing barbarity of the Assad regime. Coverage of the conflict is crucial. But the noise of war has drowned out some of Syria’s most important voices.

Those voices belong

- to the pro-democracy protesters who dared speak against Assad and the human rights lawyers who defended them;

- to the teachers, doctors, and aid workers who, even now, are providing social services and humanitarian relief to the displaced and the traumatized;

- to the first responders who risk their lives to rescue people trapped by barrel bombing;

- to the citizen journalists, many of them young, who are often the only ones reporting from the front lines;

- to the writers and artists who have been jailed, silenced, or exiled;

- and to the women and men who have stood up against state violence and religious extremism in towns and cities all over Syria.

‘On the news you only see blood and destruction. You don’t see that behind it, there are civilian groups doing things peacefully. We are still here.’

Maha – Activist from Aleppo, Reported by Human Rights Watch, 2014

The September edition of the New Internationalist magazine reports on the civil society that is alive in Syria despite forty years of dictatorship and four years of war.


The magazine will be available on Australian newsstands on September 1st, and to digital subscribers a few days before that.

Contributors to the magazine include:

  • Raed Saleh, head of the fearless White Helmets rescue squad.
  • Salman Rushdie, who pays homage to Mazen Darwish, the pioneering media activist who was imprisoned in 2012.  (As this magazine went to print, Mazen Darwish was released from prison pending the verdict in his case on 21 August.)
  • Daniel Adamson (Guest Editor), who has spent almost a decade in the Middle East (Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, West Bank). He has a strong background in the history and culture of the Arab world, and a good understanding of grassroots activism and civil society in this region.

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