Friday, August 14th, 2015

A safe and convenient surfing environment is a lure for experienced wave-riders, novices and tourists.

Stage it as entertainment to attract participants and spectators alike then add shopping and dining into the mix and you have Sneaky Peaks Flow House, planned as Australia’s first triple-purpose FlowRider® wave pool retail complex.

Sneaky Peaks will have a family-friendly surf club atmosphere, and interest in the proposed Gold Coast attraction has been overwhelmingly positive across the board from the general public to local and state government.

International franchise Flow House’s concept is unique in providing the FlowRider® within this social setting, which sets it apart from the handful of other FlowRiders® in Australia, and the two in Queensland located within theme parks Dreamworld and Wet’n’Wild.

The three entrepreneurs driving Sneaky Peaks have backed their enthusiasm with economic savvy, working over the past year to research and develop detailed economic modelling, costings and strategy, generating a sound business plan that has secured them financing matching their capital outlay.

Now what they need are investors to help transition their dream from development to destination.

The venue’s balance of food, beverage, retail, FlowRider® ticket sales and event hire will generate strong revenue, promising a solid return for a relatively small infrastructure outlay.

Surprisingly compact, the precinct requires a site of just 800m2 (to be leased) and can be erected as either a mobile or permanent set-up, budgeted at $3.1m to $4.2m respectively for a full fit-out.

Equal partners Corey and Kris Vogt and Ryan Mulhern are providing substantial start-up capital and are open to various investment models and options.

“The financial modelling is robust and we’ve come up with a negotiation point based on our start-up capital,” says experienced businessman Kris Vogt.

“One option offers investors a return of approximately 7 per cent per annum with the loan to be repaid within 42 months.

“An alternative is returning 7 per cent after 30-36 months with the possibility of converting any balances exceeding that to an equity shareholding.

“We’d love to find a partner to contribute the entire balance we’re seeking – that’d be the perfect world,” he adds

With global brand Surfstitch having already expressed sponsorship interest, the Sneaky Peaks trio would welcome an investor from the food and beverage sector.

However, they acknowledge someone with a similar mindset and outlook would be the ideal fit.

“If you can find someone that shares the same vision and belief and has a similar personality, that generates success,” observes Kris Vogt.

Avid surfers Corey Vogt (who is also a qualified instructor) and Mulhern set their sights on bringing Flow House to the beach after facing the limitations of accessing Dreamworld’s FlowRider® and hiring it privately for exclusive use after-hours with a group of friends.

For experienced and novice surfers alike – as well as other board sport enthusiasts such as snow, skate and wakeboarders – removing undesirable elements and adding a fun atmosphere provide prime incentives.

“There’s no sharks, there’s no rips, no rocks, and it’s in a controlled environment, supervised by lifeguards at all times,” Corey Vogt states.

Safety for participants will be the highest priority, with breath-testing compulsory.

In addition to not having to pay a hefty venue admission price then spend time in long queues for a limited turn, the Sneaky Peaks Flow House setup maximises the time spent actually getting waves.

“With surfing you’ve got to have the right conditions, at the right time,”  Mulhern explains, adding that if you’re a learner, “in the amount of time you spend on the FlowRider® you pick it up quicker than the same length of time you’d spend out there to learn in the surf.  You can spend 40 minutes trying to get out to the surf before you can even get a wave.”

While the FlowRider®’s most immediate association is with surfing, the man-made water platform also emulates the feel and weight-distribution of snowboarding, as well as facilitating tricks employed by skateboarders and wakeboarders.

Elaborates Corey Vogt: “With this machine it looks like surfing because there is a wave-like energy using water and you’re standing up like surfing, but it also feels like snowboarding as you use the same weight on your toes and heels as you do on a snowboard. You can do kickflips and aerials like on a skateboard. And wakeboarding is much like snowboarding and surfing.”

After securing the finances, infrastructure would be completed in six months, with Sneaky Peaks Flow House aiming to be trading by late 2016.

For further information or interviews, please contact Corey Vogt, Wave Operations Manager/ Director
0435 736 659


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Sneaky Peaks Flow House

Sneaky Peaks Flow House is a new exciting entertainment venue pioneering the fusion between surfing, food, beverage, retail, and events. A venue based around the Gold Coast beach culture pre-packaged as a destination that epitomizes the surf lifestyle in the local flavour. At the heart of every Flow House is the FlowRider®, the original sheet wave created by Wave Loch. A Flow House can be indoors, outdoors or a combination of the two. In its simplest form the Flow House showcases the FlowRider as a liquid stage that is as thrilling to watch as it is to ride, but the FlowRider isn’t limited to session riding. You can also enjoy the venue through lessons, competitions, parties and events, or simply as entertainment for the restaurant and retail outlets.

Corey Vogt Wave Operations Manager/ Director
M: 0435736659


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