Monday, August 10th, 2015
  • 77% buy Father's Day gifts compared to 86% for Mother's Day
  • 20% think a text or email to wish dad Happy Father’s Day will do
  • 11% forget altogether
  • 20% admit they are more creative with gifts for mum than dad

While most mums can expect flowers, brunch and a thoughtful gift and card on Mother’s Day, the fact is that many of us shortchange our fathers when it's their turn to be spoiled.

According to research compiled by gift sourcing site Gift Guru, not only do more people buy gifts on Mother’s Day than Father’s Day, but when we do buy pressies for dad they're not as thoughtful.

So why do fathers fare worse on what's meant to be their day of recognition? There could be a number of reasons according to Paul Mansfield from Gift Guru.

"Men are notoriously difficult to buy for," he says. "We all know the last thing dad wants is another ‘World’s Best Dad’ mug, but when it comes to thinking of something special we're stuck for inspiration."

"Also, many of us mistakenly believe dads aren't into all that sentimental stuff as much as mums and won't be bothered if you remember to get them a Father’s Day present or not. But don't be fooled, fathers have feelings too."

In fact, according to a study by psychology research institute Mindlab, men are actually more emotionally sensitive than women – they're just better at hiding it.

During the research, a group of 15 fathers and 15 mothers were shown a series of videos categorised as either blissful, funny, exciting or heart-warming. Men displayed marginally stronger reactions on average to all of the first three but interestingly reacted twice as much as women to the 'heart-warming' content.

All the men’s emotional reactions significantly spiked when they watched a video of a solider being reunited with his daughter.

However, when asked to rate how the content made them feel, the women tended to say they felt more emotional than the men – despite physiological indications to the contrary.

So this year, don’t be the one in 10 who forgets to wish dad a Happy Father’s Day - because deep down he’s a big softie who needs to know you care just as much as (if not more than) mum!

“At Gift Guru we're on a mission to make finding the perfect pressie a whole lot easier. We've rounded up the best gifts from around the web and sorted them by personality type. We’ve done all the hard work so you can sit back and take all the credit this Father’s Day!"

Jump onto and pick up something special that will really make dad's day better than last years.

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