Saturday, August 8th, 2015

The installation of municipal water systems took place many moons ago, and as most municipalities are struggling to manage current expenses, little attention is paid to what is going on underground. Until a pipe bursts, or some other event that otherwise disrupts the water delivery system occurs, the old "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" adage prevails. They are not concerned with making the system better as the costs to do so are perfectly prohibitive for most cash-strapped local governments.

For this reason, many of us who enjoy water, and fully understand its excellent benefits, have chosen to move to filtered water systems. This healthy move is inexpensive, provides our employees with a healthy option for hydration, it tastes great, there are service agreements with most rental contracts and our employees are happy to have clean water to enjoy throughout the day. Every company wishes to optimize its workforce, and providing clean, healthy water is a simple, inexpensive way to work toward achieving this goal, which also has the added bonus of helping employees concentrate better.

The first thing a company has to look at when reflecting on installing a water cooler in the workplace is if they are going to buy or rent that cooler. Basic math will quickly lead to the idea that purchasing a water cooler is financially the smartest move. The problem with this is water dispenser systems require maintenance, filter changes, and they also break down. Finding a stand-alone water dispenser cooler technician might be an impossible task. In addition, expecting a quick service response is highly unlikely in this scenario. Gold Coast Water Cooler Rentals offer an attractive water cooler that's a great alternative to buying and maintaining your own in-office water bubbler; it is very inexpensive, comes with a service maintenance agreement, and in the event it breaks down, that cooler will be repaired or replaced in a relatively short period of time. Renting a cooler is the financially prudent option.

Filtering water that is already coming into your building is cost-effective. In this way, the need for costly bottle replacement services is unnecessary. Most water dispensing filtration systems require no plumbing work, and therefore can be easily installed. There are a number of dispenser options including space-saving table-top models, stand-alone units, and counter top water purifiers. Stand-alone models often come with hot and cold water delivery options, which is something to consider before ordering. When shopping for a good filter system, looking for a system that has several-stage filtration is best. This type of system is designed to trap impurities that make it through the first few levels of filtration. Municipal water sources do have impurities like microorganisms, metallic elements, and other impurities that are necessary for removal, so water is healthier and better-tasting. 

Filtered water is a nice addition to any workplace, and will likely cause your employees to drink more of this health-enhancer. Happy and healthier employees are more productive, so don't hesitate to install a water dispenser system that will help them optimize their performance.

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