Thursday, August 6th, 2015

Techno-Thriller, The Deception People, just released in May, takes the reader on a thrill ride as one man, through a bizarre out-of-body experience, discovers a plot by high-ranking officials of the US government to launch another "terrorist" attack against America in order to fuel their agenda for more war against "terrorism". He becomes the target of character-assassination, labeling him "delusional" and dangerous because of his claim and they lock him away in a psychiatric ward. With only days left until the attack, and only one person in the world who believes him, he manages to escape and becomes the most wanted man in America as he attempts to stop the debacle. Deception People will not only thrill you but it will make you question 9/11 - and more!

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Author, Real Laplaine

I write thrillers that push the edge ... My style of writing reflects my own philosophy and experience in life. I believe we came from the stars, and someday, we'll get back out there. I don't think we evolved from mud. I think that is a terrible insult to humanity at large and simply a way of keeping people ignorant about the truth of who we are. My books present philosophical, moral and societal issues to think about - while taking the reader on a thrill ride.

Real Laplaine
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thriller, techno-thriller, 9/11, terrorist attack, terrorism, paranormal



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