Friday, August 7th, 2015

Melbourne-based electric vehicle technology startup EVX Ventures has announced it will be exhibiting its scaled down model custom solar car and spin-off technologies at the world’s largest automotive speciality parts trade show in the world, the SEMA Show 2015 (Speciality Equipment and Marketing Association) at Las Vegas Convention Center, USA in November. The SEMA Show attracts more than 100,000 industry leaders from around the world from more than 100 countries.

EVX Ventures is a collaboration with the leading electric vehicle R&D group at Swinburne University of Technology and experienced local engineers who have designed and produced award winning solar racing cars. The engineering team at EVX is led by electric vehicle expert Dr Clint Steele.

Co-Founder & CEO of EVX Barry Nguyen said “Without government funding so far, we have made significant progress in our R&D and getting closer to turn our ambitious vision into a reality. With the strong leadership of Dr Clint Steele, we have succeeded in keeping our approach lean through working with final year engineering students and new graduate engineers.”

Unlike the soulless and impractical nature of solar racers which have appeared in the World Solar Challenge for the past 25 years, EVX claims their solar car ‘The Immortus’ will be aesthetically pleasing, have true sports car performance and be able to make drivers completely independent, so they don’t need to rely on service stations in certain environmental conditions.

The Immortus is a limited edition bespoke sports car powered by the sun - a world first in this category. Inspired by the world portrayed in post-apocalyptic movies, the Immortus is designed to exhibit a toughness that no other car has: endurance.”

Whilst designing the solar car technology platform, EVX has identified several innovations which has global commercialisable potential. This includes:

- A hybrid retrofit kit concept - enabling current petrol cars, light trucks and fleet vehicles to be converted from being petrol powered to plug-in hybrid. In addition, the kit can increase acceleration after braking and turn 2 wheel drive vehicles into all wheel drive.

- Lightweight air cooled battery box with multi-industry applications.

- Regenerative shock absorber technology - recharging batteries from absorbing the bumps on the road with also multi-industry applications.

“The hybrid retrofit kit concept has recently attracted interest from a prominent Melbourne-based OEM auto parts manufacturer. We look forward to exhibiting at the SEMA trade show to develop new global partnerships, seek further customer feedback and attract pre-sales for our breakthrough products. ” says Nguyen.  

Below is the latest render of The Immortus.


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Led by Australian entrepreneur Barry Nguyen and electric vehicle expert Dr Clint Steele, EVX Ventures is a Melbourne-based electric vehicle startup in collaboration with the leading electric vehicle R&D group at Swinburne University of Technology.

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