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Kevin Ross of SDL, a sponsor company at the marcus evans CMO Summit 2015, on improving the customer experience online and on digital domains.

Sydney, Australia, Aug 3, 2015 - (ACN Newswire) - "Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) must look at how they can reach, inspire and create a brand presence across the digital domain, instead of just creating an online vending machine," says Kevin Ross, General Manager, ANZ, SDL. "To do that, requires both the marketing and Information Technology (IT) departments working together to deliver the right content, to the right customer, at the right time contextual to that custome's journey," he advises.

SDL is a sponsor company at the upcoming marcus evans CMO Summit 2015, taking place in the Gold Coast, Australia, 17 - 19 August.

- Why do data, content and context need to be combined to deliver a complete customer experience?

Organisations have been collecting customer data already. They can understand what customers buy, how old they are, where they live, and they can understand behaviours with that information. Content is the marketing message, the sales specials, the product information companies want to deliver to specific customers in order to drive better loyalty, more revenues or greater conversion.

The big question is when, where and across which channels to deliver that content to the customer. Context is what amplifies the customer experience, by bringing all those elements together in a relevant way.

- How could companies better define, measure and predict behaviours across the entire customer journey? Which parts of this journey are often overlooked and why?

Let me explain with an analogy. In a retail store, nothing is by accident. Products are arranged in such a way that people discover and buy things they did not think they needed until they saw it, and identified with it. There is real science behind how retailers do this. Compared to that, most ecommerce websites today, feel just like a vending machine. People search for what they want, put it in their trolley and buy it. The question is, where is the retail therapy, the retail theatre, the inspiration in that?

Marketing is that one place in the business that can ensure the customer experience is not about giving a better search tool, but providing an experience that is aligned with the industry and brand.

IT is very focused on data and technology. The business is very focused on the right content. The marketing function can bring those two together, because it is the one area of the business that can define context. The entire theatre of the customer experience online and on digital channels is often overlooked. A website can be much more than just an online vending machine.

- What is the new way of thinking about conversion?

In a retail store, conversion is an often subtle science of helping someone decide what to buy and then discover more items that complement it. Customer conversion online is often thought of as someone opening a marketing email, clicking through and visiting the website.

The new way of thinking about conversion is touching customers in a personal way, making content relevant to them, using their data to understand them better, then delivering a much more engaging experience. Whether it is in the financial, retail or any other industry, marketing can play a very powerful role in getting this piece right across the digital domain.

- How could cloud technology impact online customer engagement and brand loyalty?

The key reason for going to cloud is business agility and cost minimisation, but cloud is just a form of buying technology, so it is how it is used that matters. It comes down to the magic wand of marketing to use the technology in a clever and unique way, because it requires creative thinking to get it right.

Cloud-based business applications raise customer responsiveness as they free up technology experts to work on what the business really wants, streamlining the maintenance of applications also allows the company to spend dollars on better customer service and more in tune customer experiences. That is where the business wants to spend its money today.

About the CMO Summit 2015

The sixth annual CMO Summit is the premium forum bringing elite buyers and sellers together. The Summit offers chief marketing executives and agencies and consultants an intimate environment for a focused discussion of the key new drivers shaping the marketing agenda. Taking place at the RACV Royal Pines Resort, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia, 17 - 19 August 2015, the Summit includes presentations on locking in brand loyalty, combining new technology with traditional marketing, leveraging customer insights, and capturing the exploding mobile marketing traffic momentum.

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SDL (LSE: SDL) is the leader in global customer experience. With a completely integrated cloud solution for content management, analytics, language and documentation, SDL solves the complexity of managing your brand's digital footprint as it grows across multiple languages, cultures, websites, devices and channels. Seventy-nine of the top 100 global companies trust SDL to help them create authentic, in-context customer experiences that drive demand and loyalty. SDL brings your brand to the world, and the world to your brand.

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