Friday, July 31st, 2015

Water is a critical issue in Australia and worldwide, and the Australian Water Association, in partnership with ARUP, is investigating community attitudes to and understanding of water usage and availability across the country.

Australian Water Association Chief Executive, Jonathan McKeown, said that engaging the community on key water issues and choices is vital to delievr the best cusomer results.

"A survey of this nature will be an invaluable tool for water utilities and the government in understanding the evolution of consumer behaviour and awareness of our most precious resource, water," said Mr McKeown.

"We really want to hear from all Australians," says Daniel Lambert, Australasia Water Leader at Arup. "Water usage and security is a key consideration for the water industry and to gain an undestanding of what people living in a city like Tamworth or an inner-city suburb or dairy farm in Tasmania think is really going to help us approach water management moving forward."

So in asking if there are water shortages currently in place in your area? Or, what is the major water supply for your property? The survey results will collectively offer a better understanding of how water utilities, governments and communities can better regulate and protect these vital resources.

In the 2015 Australian Water Survey the Australian Water Association and Arup want to find out what you think and know about water in Australia. The information you provide will assist in engaging and empowering communities to help make sure that water is readily available and protected in the future.

Water is an essential element that we all need to ensure a healthy and productive future for Australia, so be a part of the conversation and share your insight by completing an online survey. Responses from a wide range of people across Australia is invaluable for research such as this.

The survey is onlined at and if you provide your email address you will go into the draw for a $500 travel voucher.

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The Australian Water Association (AWA) is the national peak water organisation, delivering information, expertise and collaboration for sustainable water management.

Membership is broadly-based and multi-disciplinary, covering the entire water cycle. AWA provides the platform for our water experts, practitioners and businesses to share information, grow expertise and collaborate effectivel

Our membership includes professionals and practitioners working in utilities, science and research, energy and resources, manufacturing and agriculture.

We operate across all Australian States and Territories through an active branch network as well as maintaining extensive international links, including with the International Water Association. AWA’s activities are centred around a comprehensive program of conferences, workshops, publications, industry programs, training courses, networking and b2b opportunities. AWA’s Annual Conference and Exhibition is Australia’s largest water industry event.

At our core we provide a forum for the exchange of ideas and knowledge among people involved in the management of water. Our 19 Specialist networks are coalitions of individual members who work in water related topics of common interest.
We offer a comprehensive range of regular publications in addition to access to the latest water information, and have developed courses aimed at enhancing the knowledge of water industry professionals.

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