Saturday, May 15th, 2010
Hadspen, a small rural town in Tasmania's north, this week showed signs of economic rebound. Is it a litmus test for other regional and rural towns in Australia?

With a population of just 2,000, this week Hadspen has seen its Council approve  a 47 block residential subdivision and a new telecommunications tower. Last week a new bottleshop opened in the town and new cafe, bar and motel development is planned for the main street.

Hadspen based business consultant Mr Jason Bresnehan said, "it's a great sign for Australian rural regions when a little town in Tasmania can get its economic wheels turning so soon after the global economic crisis."

Mr Bresnehan added, "Next month the Council is expected to approve an economic study into Hadspen which could lead to the development of another 200 residential blocks, a school and the expansion of the town's sewage system."

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Jason Bresnehan & Company is based in Hadspen, Tasmania and also runs a small fun in the town and is planning a new cafe, bar and motel for Hadspen.
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