Wednesday, July 29th, 2015

Finding out inside information on how to live a healthy, natural lifestyle recently became much easier with the release of former AFL football player turned health expert Matt Bate's new book, 365 Days of Wholeness. 365 Days of Wholeness delivers a remarkable plan to plunge into vibrant, natural health from a person who used these tips successfully first hand.

Many people have the idea that professional athletes are pillars of health.  Former professional AFL football player with over 100 senior games Matt Bate can testify first hand this is far from the case. After a career of abusing his body with a cocktail of black and grey area substances, Bate underwent a transformation becoming world recognized as a natural health guru.  His new book “365 Days of Wholeness”, co-authored with Tegan Steele, reveals his secrets to living an energetic and healthy lifestyle in a way that's simple to understand and apply.

“In my career I abused my body with stimulants, dangerous chemicals and I even became addicted to sleeping pills,” commented Bate about his new book.  “When I retired I knew this wasn't the person I ever wanted to be, and that serious changes had to be made. Step by step I eliminated harmful behavior and replaced things with choices that improved my health, my energy and even the way I look at the world.  I'm a much happier and healthier person, and it's my pleasure to share what I've learned in '365 Days of Wholeness'.  If one person finds it valuable and change their life for the better it will be well worth it.”

According to the author, the book delivers a mix of advice, information, tips and even recipes that can be immensely valuable to a person trying to reclaim their health and their life. It's refreshingly free from over technical, boring theory that slows down many health books, instead focusing on application where readers can see first hand how well the book's methods work. It breaks from the common Western diet in key places that many people don't consider, but offer real chances for health breakthroughs.

Feedback from early readers has been wildly enthusiastic.

Peter Siddle, Australian Cricketer, recently said, “I’ve had the honour and the privilege of working closely with Matt in relation to fuelling my body as a whole food plant-based athlete and seeking optimal health to ensure my body performs at its best. Matt is a wealth of knowledge on health and nutrition and this is shown in 365 Days of Wholeness. Earlier on in my career, before switching to a whole food plant-based diet, I was plagued by injuries, fatigue and exhaustion. After reassessing my diet and following ideas outlined in this book, I noticed a change in my body for the better. Things that had plagued me throughout my career were no longer an issue and I was thriving.”

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365 Days of Wholeness

365 Days of Wholeness was created by former professional athlete Matthew Bate, and his friend Tegan Steele who is a holistic health coach. Together they have run mulitple health retreats and workshops over the last few years, and have now released a new book title "365 Days of Wholeness". This book is designed to help readers uncover the secrets to living a more energetic & healthy lifestyle by following this easy-to-read guide that will provide them with all the tools necessary to acquire optimum health for themselves and their loved ones. The duo of Matt Bate and Tegan Steele have made it their goal to clarify the myths and mixed messages reported by the media and to teach the reader how to take back control of their life and ease the aches & pains that have plagued them. Inside the pages of this book, the reader will find simple solutions to everyday problems, as well as easy-to-follow recipes utilizing natural ingredients that are readily accessible, and valuable techniques that can easily be added to the readers existing bevy of healthy lifestyle choices.

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