Tuesday, January 9th, 2018 - Australian Syrian Association Victoria

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Tuesday, 9 January 2018

The Syrian community in Australia rejects the attempts of the Russian government to circumvent the UN resolutions in relation to the Syrian crisis

In reference to the planned Sochi Conference on Syria which will be held under the supervision of the Russian regime; we, the Syrian community in Australia, believe that this conference attempts to bypass the United Nations peace process concerning the Syrian crisis. We therefore, affirm our rejections to the attempts of the Russian government to circumvent the UN resolutions in relation to the Syrian crisis.

The Russian regime continues to claim its unbiased involvement to resolve the situation in Syria, however, at the same time it continues bombarding the Syrian people on the ground. Russia is further providing military support to the Syrian regime. The Russian military intervention in Syria can only be viewed as a form of military occupation of Syria, particularly after Russia declared that its military forces will remain in two military bases within Syria (Russian naval facility in Tartus and Khmeimim Air Base).

Russia has voted eleven times at the United Nations Security Council against the demand of the wider Syrian people. Additionally, the Russian fully ignored the well documented chemical attacks by the Assad regime against the Syrian civilians.

We demand the end of the Russian’s military intervention in the Syrian negotiations and the withdrawal of all the foreign fighters from Syria, including the regular soldiers sent by some countries or the mercenaries belonging to trans-border armed militias. We also declare that we do not recognise as lawful any gains those soldiers and militias get in Syria. We will sue them according to the international laws in relation to the trans-border mercenaries.

We look forward to establishing a free and democratic Syrian state, where there is no discrimination against any of its citizens, and where is no presence of any foreign armed forces except for the Syrian forces. The Syrian people believe in love and peace and look forward to getting help from the international community to regain the beloved land of Syria.

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