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Bangkok: Medical Departures, Inc., have announced their annual Global Patients’ Choice Awards for 2018. The global medical tourism experts are set to honour their top-rated medical partners for exceptional performance during the last 12 months, as decreed by the feedback from existing patients.

Medical Departures, along with their sister company Dental Departures, have developed a global network that consists of over 2000 hospitals and clinics spanning 33 countries throughout the world. Their success in the Latin American and Asian Pacific markets has facilitated the company’s expansion into the European medical tourism field, with countries such as Poland, Turkey and Hungary offering high-quality medical facilities at a fraction of the prices in other first world nations.

Medical Departures continues to grow as interest in medical tourism gains pace. Their experience and contacts in the field make their services invaluable to patients looking for cutting-edge medical facilities and internationally-trained surgeons. Only aligning themselves with partner clinics and doctors that have a proven track record,  founder and CEO, Paul McTaggart, is committed to providing every patient with the best service possible: “We are always delighted to acknowledge the expertise and standards of our top-performing medical and dental facilities through our Global Patient Choice Awards. It is gratifying to present them with something tangible in recognition of their commitment from those that matter the most – their patients.”

The Medical Departures Global Patients Choice Awards epitomize this philosophy. The awards, based on feedback from patients, focus on aspects such as the quality of facilities, the standard of treatment, the attitude of the staff, value for money and overall customer experience.

Only clinics that have attained a minimum average rating of 4 stars out of 5 during the previous 12-month period are considered for an award. This allows smaller, less prominent clinics offering excellent services to gain the recognition their efforts deserve, rather than focussing predominantly on bigger, commercial organizations that attract more custom. This acknowledgement raises the profile of smaller facilities by promoting their services to a wider market via the internet, local media outlets and in their own surgeries.

The doctors in Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines and other Asian Pacific countries possess the same competencies, qualifications and experience as their counterparts in other western countries. Many have studied and trained abroad at some of the most prestigious medical institutes in the world, and have gained professional memberships with globally-recognized bodies such as the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS).

The quality of the medical facilities is equally as impressive, with JCI-accredited hospitals and custom-built clinics geared specifically towards satisfying the growing demands of international patients. The main factor behind most patients’ decisions to travel abroad for their medical treatment, however, is the cost. With the majority of medical procedures costing between 60%-70% less in Thailand than they do in Australia, the savings are substantial. This one factor alone makes all the difference as some treatments are unaffordable at domestic rates. A facelift, for example, costs tens of thousands of dollars in Australia, but for a facelift in Thailand, the price is less than ten thousand dollars.

Doctors and medical facilities in the Asian Pacific that are eligible for the Global Patients’ Choice Awards, 2018 include:

Bangkok Hospital Phuket - a multi award-winning hospital based in Phuket, Thailand

Rejuvie Aesthetic & Anti-Aging Clinic – a specialist non-invasive, cosmetic dermatology center located in Bali, Indonesia

The Yanhee Hospital – a JCI-accredited hospital in situated Bangkok, Thailand

Clinic RX – a specialist beauty aesthetics and anti-aging center based in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Chiang Mai Ram - the first international quality hospital in northern Thailand to be granted JCI accreditation

To see the full list of Asian Pacific winners for the Medical Departures’ Global Patients’ Choice Awards 2018, visit https://www.medicaldepartures.com/global-patients-choice/2018/


About Medical Departures

Medical Departures are dedicated medical tourism experts that help patients to plan and execute the perfect medical vacation abroad. Their exclusive services include a best price guarantee scheme, package deals for travel and hotel accommodation, and preferential deals on foreign medical insurance.

They offer a comprehensive range of medical treatments, ranging from health check-ups and weight-loss programmes, to non-invasive anti-aging techniques and full scale cosmetic surgeries. All partner clinics have been pre-screened to ensure that doctors are properly qualified, facilities are modern and that all procedures comply with international standards for health, safety and hygiene.  

Patients can access the simple-to-use online portal and quickly compare prices, read doctor profiles & patient reviews and view on-site photographs. They also operate a 24-hour Customer Care Service that is accessible via a toll-free telephone number or through their website.

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