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Bangkok, Thailand: Dental Departures, Inc.,The global dental tourism company that puts patients in touch with first-rate dental providers abroad, announce today their annual Global Patients’ Choice Awards 2018. Awards are presented to the top-rated clinics who have received consistently good customer feedback throughout the year.


Dental Departures is the sister company to Medical Departures and together the network extends globally throughout 33 countries. Partnered with over 2000 hospitals, clinics and medical facilities, its chief markets are the Asia Pacific and Latin American regions, although it is now beginning to expand in Europe, namely Turkey, Hungary and Poland.


The growth of the dental tourism market shows no signs of slowing down. A recently published report from Persistence Market Research entitled “Global Market Study on Dental Implants – Asia Pacific to Witness Fastest Growth by 2020” has estimated that the dental implants market was valued at USD $4,508.9 million in 2014 and is expected to rise to USD 7,879.5 million by 2020. This is a projected growth of 9.7%, with the Asia Pacific market set to lead the way in top quality, affordable dentistry.


The development of custom-built, state-of-the-art facilities mean that countries such as Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines are ideally equipped to meet the rising demands from international patients for low-cost, reliable dental solutions. The Dental Departures Global Patients Choice Awards, 2018 are the ideal vehicle to showcase the outstanding services that are readily available throughout Southeast Asia by giving patients the opportunity to provide the recognition that the top performing clinics deserve.


Founder and CEO, Paul McTaggart, “We are always delighted to acknowledge the expertise and standards of our top-performing medical and dental facilities through our Global Patient Choice Awards”. Winning clinics are presented with a certificate to display in their premises and online, and McTaggart adds “It is gratifying to present them with something tangible in recognition of their commitment from those that matter the most – their patients”.


Dental Departures garners feedback from all their patients in areas such as the quality of facilities, standard of treatments and the expertise of the dentists. This feedback is translated into a five-star rating that represents the overall customer service experience. To qualify for the Awards shortlist, an average rating of between 4 and 5 stars must be attained throughout the whole year, giving smaller boutique clinics the same opportunity to be just as successful as the larger dental chains. The Global Patients Choice Awards raise clinic profiles and provide an opportunity for winners to be able to promote their success through the local media, on their own websites and in their dental clinics.


Winning clinics in the Asia Pacific region are notably from Thailand and Indonesia’s Bali, while Mexico continues to impress in Latin America.


Thailand’s clinics are popular with dental tourists, with overseas visitors looking to take advantage of the good-quality, affordable treatments, high-tech facilities and internationally-trained dentists. The standards throughout Thailand are high, with many facilities featuring state-of-the-art that includes digital panoramic x-ray and 3D CAD/CAM technology. In fact, Thailand was the first country in Asia to achieve the internationally-recognised JCI accreditation for the high standards of their healthcare.


Bali, is Indonesia’s top tourist destination, renowned for its spa and wellness facilities but is increasingly popular as a medical tourism destination, with the expertise of the dentists in Bali playing a major role in this transformation. There are modern facilities located in all the major tourist destinations, each equipped with cutting-edge technologies and English-speaking staff that hold internationally-recognized qualifications. All needs are catered for, from annual check-ups to cosmetic dentistry, and all at significantly reduced rates. Dental implants in Bali, for example, are available at around 60% cheaper than the average price being charged by dentists in Australia.


Each year, thousands of patients book oral healthcare through Dental Departures for convenience and peace of mind. Each of their partner clinics have been pre-screened to ensure that all the dentists hold legitimate qualifications and that facilities are properly equipped and adhere to international standards for health, safety and hygiene. Asian Pacific clinics that have earned Global Patients’ Choice Awards nominations for 2018 include:


The Bangkok International Dental Centre (BIDC) - located in Thailand’s capital city

The Bali 911 Dental Clinic - based in Denpasar, the capital city of Bali

The Dental Design Centre - situated in Pattaya City, Thailand

The ARC Dental Clinic - located in the beach resort of Kuta, Bali

Phuket Dental Signature situated in Patong, Thailand


View the full list of Asia Pacific winners for Dental Departures’ Global Patients’ Choice Awards 2018 at https://www.dentaldepartures.com/global-patients-choice/2018/


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Dental Departures are dedicated dental tourism experts, providing a complete one-stop dental healthcare service via their easy-to-use online portal. Not only can patients compare prices and check out dentist profiles, they can also view on-site facilities and read patient reviews before they book their treatment, and all just a mouse-click away. Patients can also take advantage of exclusive deals for additional medical insurance, accommodation and travel arrangements and a best price guarantee scheme.


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