Monday, August 3rd, 2015

Former Chairman of the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (“CASA”), Dick Smith, has written to Minister Warren Truss requesting that he put “on hold” the OneSKY Radar Project until the airspace is upgraded consistent with the Government’s policy under former Minister Mark Vaile - see Dick Smith’s letter attached.

Dick Smith says, “It is simply not logical to install a brand new radar system that is purchased to operate with a 1930s airspace system and then bring the airspace up-to-date after the equipment has been installed.

“At the present time all our non-tower instrument approaches are in noncontrolled airspace. This means that even if aircraft all have ADS-B equipment and the OneSKY receives the ADS-B equipment, pilots still have to use a 1930s ‘calling in the blind’ system to remain separated when in cloud. This is utterly ridiculous.

“The OneSKY project should be put on hold until the airspace policy moves ahead as per the plans approved by Minister Vaile. For example, there are now plans to increase the amount of controlled airspace at airports such as Ballina and Gladstone and it is very likely that the low level approach airspace for Launceston and Hobart Airports will be updated to give full surveillance.

“Surely these airspace changes should take place so that the OneSKY system is designed to work with the improved airspace.”  

Please click the thumbnail below to view Dick Smith's letter to the Hon Warren Truss MP.


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