Thursday, July 23rd, 2015

Australian software development company PowerHealth Solutions (PHS) has won a major contract with a European healthcare organisation for a nationwide licence for their PowerPerformance Manager (PPM) patient level costing system across all their hospitals in the country.

PHS software is internationally recognised and used across the United Kingdom, Ireland, Hong Kong, New Zealand, the Middle East and the United States. PHS has demonstrated expertise in delivering quality, large scale implementations through the use of developed project management and governance skills.

The client organisation is based in the European Union with a highly developed healthcare system providing quality healthcare to its populace as a result of healthcare reform introduced after the 2008 Global Financial Crisis. The reform introduced key initiatives such as Patient Level Costing and Activity Based Funding to encourage treatment at the lowest level of complexity that is safe, timely, efficient, and delivered as close to home as possible.

Patrick Power, PowerHealth Solutions CEOPowerHealth’s PPM system works flawlessly with all Activity Based Funding models to accurately measure the costs of services to enable hospitals to understand their economic and financial drivers. The availability of this data will enable the client’s hospitals, for the first time, to make informed resourcing decisions and to benchmark their performance against peer organisations. At the completion of the PPM implementation project, the hospitals will be able to run patient costing processes regularly, to obtain timely and accurate Patient Level Costing data that will assist in more effectively delivering quality healthcare.

PowerHealth Solutions CEO Patrick Power said, “PowerHealth Solutions has an in-depth understanding of healthcare costing in different countries and worked hard to secure this nationwide contract.”

About PowerHealth Solutions

PowerHealth Solutions logoPowerHealth Solutions is a dynamic Australian software development company specialising in activity based costing, hospital billing and patient safety solutions for healthcare organisations. ISO 9001 quality-accredited since 2001, the company is a market leader in Australia and New Zealand, with international recognition in the United States, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Hong Kong, and the Middle East.

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