Thursday, July 23rd, 2015

Google recently unveiled the Deep Dream (#deepdream) software that has become an Internet sensation with press and punters alike mesmerized by the otherworldly images. 

The #deepdream software uses neural networks to create a window into mind of the machine, uncovering a psychedelic world of images hitherto never seen by human eyes.

Now a Wollongong musician and programmer Justin Clayden has created the world’s first full length original music video using #deepdream.  The music video was created with the express intention to use the #deepdream algorithms as an integral part of the design aesthetic.

“Set Your Soul Free” is the first track from Justy’s first album release- “Escape Velocity”.  It’s a funk rock/pop tune that seems well suited to a music video of this sort.  Justy explains some of the challenges associated with this undertaking:

“The song is around 4 minutes so immediately that’s over 7000 frames to contend with.  I didn’t just want to mindlessly feed a music video through the algorithms and so there was a bit of planning put in to how the clip would be treated.  Also, whilst the ‘classic deep dreaming’ effect is interesting and very trippy to look at, it can become quite mentally exhausting to watch. I customised the algorithm, and this gave a nice variety of effects and an ultimately more enjoyable experience."

Watch a world first in Neural Network art and a kick-ass music video at this URL:


Justin James Clayden aka Just the Just

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Cool Fusion Records is the publishing arm of Cool Fusion Multimedia, run by Justin James Clayden.  Justy is a programmer, musician, animator and crafter.

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