Friday, May 14th, 2010
Brisbane’s Scott Griffin has successfully completed a six-day, 250km ultra marathon across the Kimberlies and raised funds for contemporary Australian music.

The race was organised by RacingThePlanet – a global event that takes place around the globe to raise money for charities. Time Magazine has named it as one of the top ten endurance events in the world.

The race was held in one of the most inhospitable regions in the world - the Kimberley desert in Western Australia where 185 competitors commenced the race. Griffin was placed 33 overall.

Serial entrepreneur, Harvard graduate and 30 year old Griffin ran for his cause - The Australian Voices (TAV), a vocal ensemble that captures and performs the sound of Australia across the world.

Griffin said the experience was agonising at times and on a few occasions he felt like pulling out.

“On Day 5 at 8pm, when I reached the 60km mark of the 100km challenge, I had to decide whether to keep running in the dark through 20km of croc territory or pull out,” he said. He kept running.

Griffin’ said the hardest physical aspect of the race was the pain.

“The main reason people pulled out was too much pain and this race had the highest drop-out rate of any race they have held,” he said.

Pain comes from blistered feet, bruised toes and infected toenails and dehydration. At the end of the first day there were six people on IV drips being administered by volunteer medics.

There’s a method to running 250km in the middle of one of the world’s harshest deserts and professional sports physiotherapist and former Queensland triple jump gold medallist Gavin Manoharan reviews this.

Manoharan said while the human body was designed to run and could achieve 250km in six days, running under the Australian sun was no easy task and puts enormous strain on the human body.

“To put it into perspective, a marathon is 42km and elite runners train approximately six days a week for this distance. A 250km run has to be broken down to a few days,” he said.

Having assessed and treated many long distance runners who train on flat surfaces, Manoharan said this was in direct contrast to in the Kimberley desert where the terrain is not kind at the best of times.

“Running in a desert further increases the likelihood of injuries such as ankle sprains due to the unstable nature of the surface,” he said.

Griffin’s injuries include blisters on his feet, sore feet and a painful tailbone which will take up to six weeks of rest to recover. He is also going to lose five out ten toenails.

So, were the lost toenails, the pain and the emotional frustration worth it?

According to Griffin, yes.

“Without a doubt this race was an amazing event to help raise funds for TAV and Australian music.”

“I met amazingly inspirational people – a famous musician from Germany, a female Korean film producer (who has now run six desert races including Antarctica), a very fast and fit mountain runner from Jeju Island and of course Salvador, the winner, who is an absolutely amazing athlete.”

Griffin said some of his most memorable moments were running 20km on his own in the dark along Gibb River Rd between midnight and 3am and swimming through a beautiful isolated gorge at 6am with his pack and shoes on.

Back in Brisbane, Griffin said the biggest tool anyone could take with them on an ultra marathon was optimism.

“Sometimes big goals seem impossible or unachievable. The secret is to break them into small pieces and stay optimistic. Optimism is so underrated.”

To donate to Scott’s run visit Donations over $2 are tax deductible.

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Scott Griffin is a Director of Etax Accountants ( and CEO of Accounts Etcetera (Bookkeeping). He holds an MBA from Harvard and undergraduate degrees in Commerce, Science and Laws. Scott is 30 years old and a serial entrepreneur. He is passionate about Innovation, Technology, the Arts and Social Enterprises.
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