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So much for tour-groups of partying 18-35 year-olds tearing their way through Europe in record time: Roy Morgan Research’s Holiday Tracker reveals that the people most likely to take a package tour on holiday are Baby Boomers*. These mature-age tourers represent 36.5% of the total Aussies who went on a package tour for their last trip.

Overall, the number of Australians who took a package tour on their last trip is relatively small (just over 200,000), and accounts for just 1.6% of all people who went on at least one trip in the last 12 months. It’s a niche market but an important one, and has remained stable over the last decade.

After Baby Boomers, Pre-Boomers account for the second-largest portion (24.1%) of total package-tour travellers. In fact almost 61% of all Australians who went on a package tour during their last trip were from one of the Boomer generations (55 years and older).  The ‘Contiki’ generations, Generation Y and Gen Z, accounted for 13.2% and 10.2% of package-tour travellers respectively.

Package tours taken on last trip: a generational* breakdown


Source: Roy Morgan Single Source (Australia), April 2014 – March 2015 (n=10,410)Base: Australians 14+ who took at least one trip in last 12 months. * NB: Gen Z were born between 1991–2005, Gen Y between 1976–1990, Gen X 1961–1975, Baby Boomers between 1946–1960, and Pre-Boomers before 1946

While it might be tempting to imagine that solo travellers would be more likely than most to take this kind of holiday — what better way of meeting like-minded travellers, after all? — they comprise just 8.3% of people who took a package tour on their last trip. In contrast, 42.3% were folks travelling with a partner, 12.3% were travelling with a friend or small group of friends and 9.7% were travelling as a family with kids.

Angela Smith, Group Account Director, Roy Morgan Research, says:

“The package tour market may be small but it should not be ignored. This kind of holiday has benefits for all involved: the tour operator, the travel agent (who earns commission), and of course the traveller, who can concentrate on enjoying themselves without worrying about logistics.

“Package tours are particularly popular for overseas travel: almost 60% of Australians who took a package tour on their last trip did so overseas. Depending on the destination, foreign travel can sometimes be a challenge, so knowing that someone else has the finer details under control can be very reassuring.

“Although package holidays (such as Contiki tours) designed for young Aussies still have a place, older Aussies are the main market for this type of travel. With time and money at their disposal, but possibly lacking the inclination to research and book all the separate components of their holiday, many would find the idea of an all-inclusive package very appealing.

“But a traveller’s age is not the only factor influencing their decision to take a package tour. Holiday attitudes are also key: for example, 53.2% of Australians who took a package tour on their last trip agree that ‘I enjoy holidays where everything is organised for you’ – well above the national average of 32.6%...”

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