Thursday, May 13th, 2010

One of Australia’s leading iPhone app developers offers some ideas on what Apple’s new mobile advertising system will mean for businesses.

Adelaide, SA, May, 2010-- This Winter, Apple is releasing the new iPhone and iPod Touch Operating System, which is expected to transform mobile advertising as we know it by introducing ‘iAds’. Local company Enabled Solutions offers some insights into this opportunity.

We spoke with Grant Hull, Director of Enabled, a cross-platform digital media agency specialising in touch and interactive. Grant said: “The iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad market is soon expected to reach 100 million devices. A lot of companies want to tap into that market, but until now, the opportunity has been limited to developing apps. iAds are going to make it much easier to access this market segment.”

The iAds will be hosted by Apple and will run inside apps that iPhone and iPod Touch users (and later iPad users as well) are using. The ads will be fully interactive and allow in-app purchases, at least of other apps. A key feature is that when a user touches an ad, it will open inside the app they are currently using, so that at any point they can return to their original activity. This minimal disruption is expected to decrease users’ hesitance to open an ad they’re interested in.

Grant is predicting that iAds will, in many ways, replace the free apps developed by entities wanting promotion and exposure. “The App Store is so crowded right now that releasing a free app in order to get numerous downloads, and hence a lot of exposure, is getting harder and harder. With thousands of competing free apps, the chances of getting millions of downloads has vastly decreased. This means free promotional apps mainly only work for big brands, upcoming well-known events, or businesses that have a large enough budget that they can develop a superior app, and still offer it for free.”

It’s for these reasons, that Grant believes iAds will be excellent for businesses, brands and events, but he also pointed out their use for current app owners. “Until now, there has been no real way to promote your app within the App Store, so app owners have had to rely on their own marketing platforms, or try to get popular sites to review their app. Over the years I’ve had a lot of business owners ask me if there is any way they can pay Apple to feature their app in the App Store. There isn’t. However iAds will enable apps to be promoted directly to app users.”

It appears iAds will revolutionise the approach to mobile advertising. Grant said, “In one act, Apple have solved the problem of limited screen-space in mobile advertising, secured their portion of the advertising revenue, and made it incredibly easy for both advertisers and those owning advertising space to connect with this market segment of almost 100 million consumers.”

However, the one segment that Apple haven’t made it easy for, are the developers. There has been a lot of discussion around Apple choosing to use HTML 5 instead of Flash to develop the iAds. Until now, Flash has been the staple for animated advertising, and most developers do not know how to use HTML 5. When asked his opinion on the controversial topic, Grant said: “As many leading companies are saying, HTML 5 is actually superior to Flash. It will allow greater quality and interactivity in the iAds, allowing the ads to basically be a mini app. And while it’s true that many developers don’t know how to use HTML 5, there are those that can. Enabled for example have already invested the time into it and are ready to develop iAds in HTML 5.”

Grant also went on to say: “People are already expressing their interest in having Enabled develop their iAds for them, and I suspect that as more people hear about it, we’ll start being very busy.”

To enquire about developing an advertisement for iAds, or for additional information on Enabled or iAds, or, please contact Grant Hull.

The iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad Tablet and App Store are trademarks of Apple Inc.

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One of Australia’s leading iPhone app developers offer some ideas on what Apple’s new mobile advertising system will mean for businesses. iAds, iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, html 5, flash, mobile marketing



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