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Does my media spend reach my target audience? Which audiences are my competitors targeting? Where should I allocate my media spend? Does my advertising creative match my target audience? Is the audience I am targeting actually buying my product?

BigDatr monitors the highly competitive Australian advertising landscape to empower marketers with an ability to visually analyse when and where their advertising investments are placed. BigDatr also tracks competing brands so a brand owner can see where their competitors are advertising and the message they are using.

Roy Morgan Research has partnered with BigDatr to profile every advertising campaign by Helix Personas, Roy Morgan’s geo-digital psychographic segmentation.

The BigDatr Platform

Helix Personas is now integrated into the BigDatr platform which allows marketers to quickly compare the targeted audience brief against what has actually been delivered. It also allows advertisers and their agencies to compare who they are targeting versus their competitors.

In this example your media buy has been targeted at Helix Communities 400, 500, 600 and 700 while your competitor is targeting 100, 200 and 300. It asks a couple of interesting questions:

•   Was this the audience you were targeting?

•   Why is your competitor targeting a different audience?

BigDatr with Helix closes the circle from messaging to media buying to measurement of results, and quickly determines media spend ROI. Optimisation of media spend is one of the quickest ways to improve marketing ROI. BigDatr monitors the highly competitive Australian advertising landscape to empower marketers to visually analyse when and where their advertising investments are placed. These insights are then instantly benchmarked against competitor media strategies to help increase media efficiencies, lead generation, and customer acquisition.

In addition to this standard competitive benchmarking, marketers can also choose to integrate the Helix Personas from internal CRM systems for both leads and sales that have been encoded.

Connect the dots like never before with an ability to compare Helix profiles of the media audience delivered, customer leads and customer sales. This allows streamlined analysis to identify key areas of media optimisation to maximise sales conversions and get the most out of every dollar spent on media purchased.

In this case the 100, 200 and to a lesser extent 300 Communities are performing better in terms of sales relative to media investment than the other Communities. Future campaign could be optimised by re-targeting media spend to these high performing audiences .

John Ellenberger, Helix Program Manager, Roy Morgan Research, says:

“We are very pleased to partner with BigDatr to bring Helix into the platform, as it provides the last piece of the media targeting, messaging, buying and evaluation puzzle.

“Avrill and the team at BigDatr have created an awesome product that is beautifully engineered to allow advertisers to see where their campaigns are being executed and how this compares with their competitive set. Helix now adds the audience profile dimension, so advertisers can instantly see whom their campaign is reaching.

“The BigDatr Helix integration is part of an overall market trend we are seeing where more and more brand owners in conjunction with their agencies and media owners are using Helix through the entire marketing process.

“Helix underpins the integration of clients’ own data with Roy Morgan Single Source data, other third party data and an ever-increasing range of digital, outdoor and other media assets.”

Avrill D’Costa, Co-Founder, Head Of Data Analytics and Product Design, BigDatr, says:

“The ability to close the loop on media targeting, customer leads and customer sales is at the core of any business. Our clients will be able to measure this instantly through utilising the Helix personas in BigDatr to improve campaign performance by targeting more effectively and better understanding customers in terms of campaign activity and profiling.

“Prior to commencing strategic planning or launch of a new campaign, clients can get invaluable feedback on a competitor’s targeted profiles and make decisions to either compete in similar market segments or choose alternative niche segments with less competition that deliver higher conversion rates. This provides a myriad of opportunities for marketers to capitalise on customer sales while maximising the value from any media spend budget.

“In our experience, clients have seen campaigns deliver over 60% more value in terms of sales ROI by better understanding the conversion funnel. We’ll continually develop this technology with Roy Morgan to ensure our clients are at the forefront of big data analytics to drive business growth.”

Helix profiles will be made available to all BigDatr subscribers. Find out more:

For comments or more information please contact:

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Telephone: +61 (3) 9224 5293

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