Wednesday, May 12th, 2010

Firefly Video(TM) Launches

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire) - Firefly Video(tm), a new online video advertising platform designed to complement traditional television and online pre-roll advertising, officially launched today.

The platform enables publishers and advertisers to combine the emotion and impact of TV with detailed targeting, rich audience insights, interactivity, brand-safe reach and most importantly, the ability to massively scale and reach hundreds of millions of consumers.

Initiated while the product was still in beta, Firefly Video is currently executing on more than 25 video advertising campaigns for Hyundai, Dannon, Proctor & Gamble's Tampax, Nissan, Asics, Guthy Renker, Häagen Dazs, and a range of additional companies.

A wholly owned subsidiary of Exponential Interactive, Inc., Firefly Video is launching initially on the well-established and fully transparent collection of Tribal Fusion sites, providing video-enabled reach to 220 million web users worldwide (120 million US). Firefly Video will also partner with other premium publishers wishing to serve and sell video ads.

Unlike pre-roll, which requires a specially integrated video player, Firefly Video's ad unit runs in a standard display ad unit, giving all publishers the ability to monetize video with no need for special integration or additional technology. If a consumer chooses to engage, the ad unit unfolds to cover the entire web page, ensuring the viewer's total attention and delivering a highly interactive experience. The Firefly Video platform also contrasts with the interruptive style of pre-roll and television advertising, in which ads are presented to consumers as a prerequisite before viewing the desired content.

"The highly advanced targeting technologies of display advertising have enabled advertisers to deliver their banner ads to the right consumers, but those banners remain ineffective, as they lack robust and compelling creative content. However, with the launch of Firefly Video, advertisers can now combine the emotionally engaging power of TV with the state-of-the-art targeting of display advertising," said Donnovan Andrews, president of Firefly Video.

"Consumer engagement is all about pulling prospects into your messaging and creating rich, interactive brand experiences. It's rather opposite from traditional push advertising," said Marc Barach, CMO of Firefly Video. "We offer a two-step method, which ensures that consumers who see the ad are self-selected and therefore of higher value than consumers who are passively shown ads."

Today, more than $60 billion dollars is spent annually on TV advertising, and like pre-roll, its main method of targeting consumers is through content association. Firefly Video goes beyond content targeting, providing multi-dimensional audience targeting -- including in-market automotive, travel, and retail, dayparting, geographic, demographic, lifestyle, content and retargeting -- that provides media buyers with unmatched specificity in web video advertising. For example, with Firefly Video advertisers can identify consumers shopping for a particular make of car, or a New York to London flight, or couples getting married or women 25-34 years old.

Firefly Video also provides rich audience insights in a more timely and efficient manner than television's traditional reliance on focus groups and post-campaign research.

"Our real-time audience metrics and insights help advertisers learn which customer segments are most drawn to their ads, and even what prospects think about their product or message," said Andrews. "Advertisers can use this information to adjust commercial rotation, target definition and generally fine-tune their overall broadcast strategy. The more you know, the more you sell."

The creative community has already begun to recognize Firefly Video and its achievements during its beta stage. Guthy Renker nominated its campaign with Firefly Video for a prestigious Electronic Retailing Association award.

Further, in a campaign conducted by media communications agency Starcom on behalf of a major consumer products client, Firefly Video generated more than 60,000 prospects in just a few weeks through its unique video ad platform.

"The campaign's results exceeded our expectations and with Firefly Video's cost-per-engagement model, we were able to reach our most valuable prospects with no media waste," said Chris Falkiner, Manager Digital Solutions at Starcom.

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Firefly Video

Launched in 2010, Firefly Video is an online video advertising platform that provides brand advertisers the ability to effectively complement their TV and pre-roll buys, easily, efficiently and with full brand safety. Delivering the ability to reach and target within a worldwide online universe of 220 million people, Firefly Video enables brand advertisers to connect with consumers who are most interested in their brand and engage with them by combining the impact of video with interactivity. Firefly Video combines the best of TV advertising: emotionally engaging full-motion ads, with the best of display advertising: interactive engagement, fine-grained targeting, user feedback, social sharing and intelligent insights.
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