Friday, June 26th, 2015

Adelaide-based software company, Devfeas Pty Ltd, claims that it has achieved a ‘world first’ by producing Feastudy for Mac Professional, which is a new 100%-native Apple Macintosh (OSX) version of its comprehensive ‘off-the-shelf’ property development and investment feasibility study software application, Feastudy.

“To our knowledge, this is the first 100% Mac-native software ever developed for commercial sale that allows for the comprehensive financial feasibility analysis of both property development and investment proposals. It is now no longer necessary for Mac users to compromise by running Windows-based real-estate feasibility analysis software within a virtual machine for these types of proposals,” Mark Andrews, managing director of Devfeas Pty Ltd, said today.

Devfeas has developed and distributed property development-and-investment feasibility study software for PCs since 1988 and Feastudy for Mac Professional is its latest release in its Feastudy program series, which contains facilities for studying the feasibility of buying properties which are either ripe for developing-and-selling or developing-and-holding or purchasing for their long term rent-producing and/or capital gain potential.

“We have been developing Feastudy for running on Microsoft Corporation’s Windows operating system for about 20 years but we have had ever-growing interest in a Mac-based product, as more and more participants in the Australian property development industry have purchased Apple machines for their businesses. Our software is professional, reliable and easy to use,” Mr Andrews said.

“Like our corresponding product for Windows environments, Feastudy for Mac Professional produces: forecast profit and loss reports which provide calculations for several profitability metrics; and reports for detailed cashflows, joint venture analysis, GST, sensitivity analysis tables for variations in up to and including eight critical variables (such as construction costs and interest rates) and detailed inputs reports. It also produces various graphs.”

“An important feature of the program is its ability to help a developer or an investor determine the maximum price that they should pay for a property based on their required return criteria, projected incomes and costs and the timing of their property development or investment proposal. Another major feature is the reports’ completeness for obtaining external finance.” Feastudy for Mac Professional costs $990 for a purchaser’s first licensed copy, or less for purchasers who upgrade their feasibility software from an earlier version of Feastudy. More details on the nature and features of Feastudy for Mac Professional are available for viewing at Devfeas Pty Ltd’s website at . For further comment, phone Mark Andrews on 0423 615 571 or (08) 8322 9705.

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Devfeas Pty Ltd

Established in 1987, Adelaide-based Devfeas Pty Ltd, as trustee for MA & JW Trust, produces and markets the computer software programs, Feastudy 7.0 (for PC) Professional and Lite and Feastudy (for Mac) Professional and Lite, the Professional versions of these program being for the financial feasibility study of property development and property investment proposals and the Lite versions being for the financial feasibility study of developments only. Devfeas also provides property development feasibility consultancy services.

Mark Andrews, managing director of Devfeas and principal designer of the Feastudy software, has had several years' experience as a development project manager for real estate developers and is an experienced Certified Practising Valuer and an Associate of the Australian Property Institute. Mark holds a Bachelor of Applied Science in Valuation and a Graduate Diploma in Project Management, both from the University of South Australia. 

Mark Andrews
P: +61883229705
M: 0423 615 571


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