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Bravehearts Inc. Joins Forces with NSW Police Announcing “Where’s William? Campaign” In The Search for Missing 4-Year-Old William Tyrrell – PLEASE DON’T GIVE UP ON OUR BOY!

Australia’s leading child protection advocate, Bravehearts Inc. joins the campaign to find missing boy William Tyrrell on the child’s fourth Birthday, announcing a national awareness campaign to help Police in their search for the little boy who disappeared from his Nana’s home in Kendall NSW on September 12, 2014.

In a statement released today, William’s Daddy appealed to the community to continue the search for William. “Please don't give up on our boy. Don't give up on bringing William home. Never say never. Where there is a chance that someone might come forward, there is hope that we all have the chance to bring William home.”

Bravehearts CEO and Founder Hetty Johnston AM said, “William’s disappearance dives into the hearts of entire communities, the happy face of the bright-eyed little boy in his Spider-Man costume, innocent and playful one minute; vanishing seemingly without a trace, the next.

“But, children just don’t vanish without a trace,” she said.

“Somebody saw something.  Somebody knows something and that somebody can help us find William and bring him home.”

“William’s family and friends are heartbroken not knowing what has happened to their beautiful little boy, particularly today, on William’s fourth birthday when there should be joy instead of despair; happiness instead of sorrow; laughter instead of tears,” she said.

“Today, there’s no better gift we can give William and his distraught family than to support the efforts of NSW Police by announcing a national awareness campaign ‘Where’s William?’ to help find William and bring him home.  

Police believe that little William could still be alive and could be anywhere, so it’s vital that we support their dedicated efforts in every way possible and engage the support of the broader community through a national Where’s William? Campaign that we hope the community will help fund through tax-deductible donations.

Today, instead of giving little William toys, his family’s gifts to their little boy are the website and the ‘Where's William Tyrrell? Bring Him Home – Official’ Facebook page, in the first phase of a campaign to provide the public with information not previously released and enable people to share it on Facebook.

For the first time more information about William has been released by William’s family including a detailed description of William on in the hope that someone will recognise their little boy and contact Crime Stoppers.

William’s family are hoping that all the information on the website will help jog somebody’s memory of what they may have seen or heard so they come forward with a vital piece of information that will help us find William.

The very best birthday gift we could give William is to find him and bring him home to the heart of his family where he belongs and we’re encouraging people to help us by making a donation today at

The Where’s William? Campaign will be a strategic, integrated, multi-channel communication campaign to encourage someone who knows something to come forward with new information that will be treated with in the strictest confidence. 

Ms Johnston went on to say, “William’s Daddy told me; Today, we should have woken with excitement about William’s birthday feeling joy and sharing morning giggles with our little boy and his sister.

“His Mummy and I should have been sharing stories of how much William has grown between turning 3 and turning 4 but instead, we are reminded of our loss, reliving the sadness and trauma of his abduction.

“Today, instead of presents, cake and candles we are wondering and strangely hoping that he is being cherished and made to feel like the very special little boy he is.”

Hetty Johnson said, “It is not okay that children can simply disappear, that children are harmed by adults.

“Even the smallest piece of information that someone may think is unimportant may be the critical missing piece in the puzzle that can help Police find out what happened to William,” she said.

“Bravehearts will always fight for the protection of children no matter what the circumstances. Supporting William’s family in their campaign to find their little boy, is part of this commitment as we work in partnership with William’s family and Police to exhaust all avenues to help bring William home,’ she said.

The Where’s William? Campaign’s primary activities will launch on Sunday 2 August as part of National Missing Person’s Week. Visit to learn more about William and to make a donation.  We’re also asking people to visit and share the official Facebook page; ‘Where's William Tyrrell? Bring Him Home – Officialwith a short video birthday message to William from his family.

Somebody saw something. Somebody knows something. Somebody can help bring William home. Is that somebody you? If you have seen William or have any information relating to his disappearance, please contact Crime Stoppers now on 1800 333 000 or at Crime Stoppers online reporting page


For more information or to arrange an interview please visit the media section of

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Statements issued by the Where’s William? Campaign on behalf of the family of William Tyrrell


From William’s Daddy

This has torn away the fabric and foundation of life as we know it -shattered our entire family to the core.  The words broken-hearted come to mind, but in fact this is not even close to the way our family feels on so many levels. What has happened to William is wrong, so very wrong.

There is a huge gap of space, emptiness in our lives that we feel without him being with us. William was and always will be a bright shining light in our family although we are not together. People noticed William before they noticed any of us and he seemed to be the whole attraction wherever we went. His personality simply captured and embraced you, you felt part of him immediately.

We find it hard to be a family of any normality without him with us every day. Not a day, an hour or a minute goes by without there being a reminder of him and the massive gap in our family we are forced to face and with not an answer in sight. 

Our family was everything to me, it was everything our family lived for and now William, a core part of our family is missing. He looked for me everywhere we were and me for him. The bond both William and I shared was more than a father and child it was of soul. It makes me feel that I have not only lost him, but most of myself. I feel entirely shattered, emotionally exhausted, physically and mentally beaten and lost.

Nothing seems nor feels the same way since he has been gone. I feel guilty listening to music or having fun, going out or catching up with friends when my family is not together. Work. Work is only a distraction, if that, and merely a means to an end financially in order to do what we have to, to survive. Photos of my family sit upon my desk which are constantly looking back at me and reminding me that our family is not the same.

It’s as if you wish it was or could have been someone else, but it wasn’t. This is a pure living nightmare. How could we be involved in this simply astonishing situation let alone still without an answer? How? It’s hard, so awfully hard. William’s sister continues to ask where her brother is and when he’ll be home. We’ve tried so hard to keep life as normal as possible for her, reminding her how loved and safe she is even though William is not here. She is such a joy to us and it’s heartbreaking to see her miss her little brother.  They were like two peas in a pod.

I wish, I pray, I cry each night for him. I see other children and families with boys the same age and feel so ripped off, short-changed, for him, his sister and my family and myself. I fear the worst but yet pray for something, anything. Someone knows something, someone always knows something.

As we try to go on with our lives, we pass others unsuspecting of us, not knowing who we are and what we are going through and try so, so hard not to allow others to see, think or have any idea of what we continue you deal with every day, hour and minute of our current lives.

It is also awkward for our family and friends who feel so upset for all of us and William. And for those who have families and children of their own, this is so unbelievably confronting for them. If it could happen to us, it could happen to them. 

Life just doesn’t feel anywhere near what it used to be. The happy go lucky outgoing person I used to be has changed; it has hit me hard, so very hard. I sit in your taxi or next to you on a plane. You make my coffee, my lunch, but you don’t know my pain. I present to you at a meeting, walk past you in the street, but you have no idea of the face I have on just to get through the day.  I meet you, but touch no one. But he has touched us all.

Please don't give up on our boy. Don't give up on bringing William home. Never say never. Where there is a chance that someone might come forward, there is hope that together, we all have the chance to bring William home.



Thank you Gary Jubelin and NSW Police

“We had never expected to find ourselves in the shoes we have been forced to wear since the 12th September 2014. Likewise, we had never expected to be dealing with Police. Sadly, this is where we find ourselves, living in the middle of the most horrific nightmare! 

“To all the Police who have been involved in the search for William, thank you!   Our experience with you from the beginning has been outstanding.  You have made us feel supported and never once have we thought that you weren’t focussed on looking for our boy. 

“To Gary Jubelin and his team, our heartfelt thanks.  We know that you are dedicated, focussed professionals tirelessly devoting hours sifting through every single piece of information in the search to bring William home.  We are and will remain forever indebted to you and your team for everything you are doing to find William and bring him home to us.”  William’s family.


Thank you Hetty Johnston AM (official Campaign Spokesperson and Bravehearts Inc.)

“Thank you Bravehearts for your support in helping us drive the Where’s William? Campaign.  In particular, Hetty Johnston AM, Australia’s advocate for child protection whose heart is as big as her internationally respected reputation as being the “voice” of those unable to speak.   

“On a personal level, Hetty’s strength, commitment and determination to help us has been unrelenting in standing with us in the journey to find the answers we are all seeking.

“Hetty and Bravehearts’ sincere and unwaivering support is overwhelming having done everything in their power to assist us in our mission to bring William home.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”  William’s family.

Hetty Johnston AM is Founder and CEO of Bravehearts Inc., Australia’s leading child protection advocate. Her most recent accolades include; 2015 Queensland Australian of the Year, Inducted in 2015 into Logan’s Wall of Acclaim, Awarded Member of the Order of Australia (AM) in 2014.


Hetty is the author of national awareness campaign, ‘White Balloon Day’, ‘Sexual Assault Disclosure Scheme’, ‘Ditto’s Keep Safe Adventure’ child protection CD-Rom and her autobiography, ‘In the Best Interests of the Child’ (2004). Hetty has been a contributing author to various books including, ‘Crime on my Mind’, and ‘Women on Top’.


Hetty has been recognised for her outstanding contributions to child protection with numerous awards and nominations over her career since 1997. In 2013 Hetty was awarded Northern Australia’s Ernst & Young Social Entrepreneur of the year. She was awarded a Paul Harris Fellowship in 2010 and is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Community Practice and Governance (March 2010). In early 2009, Hetty was recognised as one of approximately 70 outstanding leaders throughout the world, receiving the prestigious annual Toastmasters International Communication and Leadership award. Hetty is the recipient of two Australian Lawyers Alliance Civil Justice Awards (2003, 2004).


Hetty is the Member of the International Society for the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect (ISPCAN); Australian Government Cyber-Safety Working Party; and the Queensland Government Child & Family Reform Stakeholder Advisory Group.



National child protection advocate Bravehearts has a Vision to make Australia the safest place in the world to raise a child by 2020. It will achieve this with its research-backed child safety blueprint The 3 Piers to Prevention – Educate, Empower, Protect.


Bravehearts depends on business, government and community support to ensure the continued delivery of its school-based prevention programs as well as training, counselling, advocacy and case management services, continued research and legislative reform agenda. These specialist services are instrumental in preventing the sexual assault of Australian children and giving hope and healing to the most vulnerable and precious members of the community – our kids.


Bravehearts Inc. operates under an Article of Association, is operated by a Board of Management and is assisted by a professional Advisory Committee. Bravehearts is registered under the Collections Act 1966; ABN and GST registered (41 496 913 890), are a registered Charity and are registered with the ATO as a DGR (Deductible Gift Recipient). ABN: 41496913890


“Through increasing general awareness, increasing skills and capacity building for those involved, our specialist services are being sought to give hope and healing to the most vulnerable and precious members of our community – our kids.” Hetty Johnston AM


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Where's William? Campaign

The Where’s William? Campaign was launched to provide the community with more information about little William Tyrrell’s disappearance with the aim of finding him and bringing him home to his family where he belongs.

In collaboration with the NSW Police Force and with the support of the Australian Federal Police, Bravehearts Inc. is working closely with William’s family to reach out to the community hoping to generate information that will assist Police in the investigation of William’s disappearance.



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