Wednesday, November 30th, 2005

Paper technology company Papyrus Australia Limited (ASX:PPY) today announced a landmark agreement with leading international paper group DaiEi Australasia.
The agreement formalises DaiEi Australasias involvement with Papyrus over the past seven years, and will see DaiEis paper industry experts work closely with Papyrus on product development and global marketing for raw banana ply paper.
DaiEi Australasia is a subsidiary of the global DaiEi network, founded in Japan over 80 years ago, and has built a reputation for expertise and reliability in paper markets all over the world, including Japan, China, India, South East Asia, USA, South America and Africa.
Papyrus Australia Managing Director Ramy Azer said that DaiEi is well positioned to provide the communication lines and markets for a very wide range of paper based materials.
The paper product and market development partnership with DaiEi is an important step in the Papyrus commercialisation plan, Mr Azer said.
Our design will be driven by our customers requirements. There is no one who knows what the paper customer wants better than DaiEi.
DaiEi Australasia Managing Director Anthony Wood, a senior member of the International DaiEi Management Team, said that his company had observed the progress Papyrus Australia had made in the development of its unique technology.
Papyrus has used a high degree of engineering innovation to transform this renewable resource, with the aim to produce paper of reliable quality in commercial quantities, Mr Wood said.
We believe the raw banana ply paper will create its own market for a niche, high value, environmentally friendly product that will appeal to many of our customers.
Our companys philosophy is to establish long-term alliances with suppliers and, in turn, to develop enduring partnerships with clients. Papyrus Australia is now part of the DaiEi family.
Papyrus is in the third stage of a six-stage program that will culminate in the commissioning of a commercial trial production line for banana ply paper in North Queensland in mid-late 2006.

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Papyrus Australia Signs Agreement with Leading International Paper Group


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