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Lunchtime with little ones can be stressful. The pressure of producing interesting lunchbox choices to take children through their busy school day can be overwhelming – with the panic over what to pack adding an extra stress to already busy morning routines.

Yvette Bowyer is one of Australia’s leading school lunchbox experts and has a wealth of creative lunchbox suggestions to help Australian families.

 “It’s important to make sure your children’s lunchboxes are packed with interesting, nutritious treats to give them the energy they need to concentrate on important school work”, says Yvette, who has built her Little Bento World business on helping parents make lunchboxes healthy and happy.

“Start with an inventory of your pantry and fridge,” Yvette suggests. “You’ve probably got lots of things already at your fingertips. Cereals makes easy, affordable trail mix and tinned tuna and pasta or cous cous is a yummy alternative to sandwiches. You can also mix up the sandwiches with pita or tortillas – and say bye-bye to boring bread.”

For parents facing lunchbox boredom, Little Bento World has a wealth of resources available – including easy-to-access printables and daily lunchbox ideas featured on the Little Bento World Facebook page, website and has now opened up Perth's first bento products store to help parents in Perth create healthy school lunches. 

Clever, convenient, colourful – with ideas to make you a lunchbox legend to your children.

The Carb, Protein and Dairy Printable helps you make affordable lunches every day, with different proteins, dairy and carbs for your child’s good health.

Combine that knowledge with the Fruit and Vegetable Printable to show Australia’s seasonal fruit choices to add that rainbow colour of fruit and vegetables everyone will love.

5 Fruit and Vegetable Ideas you already have in your cupboard:

1.            Mini kebab sticks with the use of long food picks.

2.            Fruit smoothies in a reusable food pouch for morning tea.

3.            Fruit or vegetable cups.

4.            Fruit or vegetable freezable mini muffins.

5.            Use a mini cutter to create shapes with fruit and vegetables.

To learn more about Little Bento World’s Products, Printables and Yvette’s Daily Lunchbox Ideas, or Perth's first Bento Store location, contact Yvette Bowyer at 0408520223 or email or visit the website


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Little Bento World

We are a family owned small business here in Perth, Western Australia. We ship our products Australia wide and to New Zealand, United Kingdom and Europe.

“Bento” is something Little Bento World is very passionate about. The world of Bento is an amazing journey of fun, creative and inspiring food. It is the Japanese art of packing an appealing meal in a divided bento lunch box.

Little Bento World was opened in February 2013, by School Lunchbox Expert Yvette Bowyer, who has been blogging since 2011 about Bento Lunches she creates for her children (age 3 and 5), after having her own struggles with her daughter’s eating habits.

"We uses every single item she stocks in the store, so you know it has been tried and tested in a 'Mums kitchen' and school lunchbox and is something our children adore." says Yvette.

Yvette, has found it hard to find high quality products that were different and fun here in Australia. After spending many hours researching and speaking to Bento users and distributors, Little Bento World now offers the largest range of the highest quality Bento products and accessories that are directly imported from Japan or America in Australia. Many of the products are totally unique and exclusive to Little Bento World.

Yvette Bowyer
M: 61408520223


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