Wednesday, June 24th, 2015

Healthcare analytics innovator Metrixcare has released a new version of the Metrixcare Value Analytics platform tailored to streamline and enhance activities for the Australian National Safety & Quality Healthcare Standards (NSQHS). The standards are a mandatory requirement for all hospitals, day surgeries and most dental services to gain accreditation in Australia and involves the ongoing coordination of activities and documentation of evidence. Auditing requirements can be extensive and implementation of the national core hospital based outcome indicators (CHBOI) and calculation of risk adjustment of mortality (HSMR) can also be difficult.

Metrixcare Clinical Director Dr Chris Farmer says “we see the national quality standards as not just a compliance tool but as a framework for excellence in clinical governance and improvement. Accreditation data and documentation are valuable sources of improvement knowledge but you need the systems to unlock that value. We have worked hard on getting the mix of features right so customers of any size can easily start where they want and expand later as they need.

The release of the Metrixcare NSQHS Service comes in four editions that progressively build on each other:

Monitoring Edition – Tailor the latest NSQHS standards then perform self-assessments and monitor progress over time.

Improvement Edition – Extend the platform with real-time, continuous accreditation and improvement with a process for the planning, coordination and reporting of gaps, risks, projects, governance and policy with progress tracking and documentation of evidence.

Audit Edition – Expand implementation with a wide range of audits integrated into the national quality standards and deploy them efficiently into mobile clinical workflows.

Indicators Edition – Add collection of the complete National Core Hospital Based Outcome indicators (CHBOI) including risk adjusted mortality. Pick from an extensive range of local indicators for internal use linked to the standards as evidence of compliance.

The Australian Institute for Health and Welfare estimates that Australian healthcare costs could increase by $161 billion dollars by 2033 or account for 12.4% of GDP – an increase of 189%. Productivity Commission estimates that the Australian healthcare system could improve efficiency by at least 10%. Other research suggests that figure could be much higher with a 20% improvement in quality while also achieving a 20% reduction in cost and waste.

The Metrixcare cloud platform makes the vision of “Value Analytics” possible through a revolutionary analytics approach to maximise value – that is, achieving the best possible patient outcomes per dollar spent. The solution is fully compliant with the Australian Privacy Principles (2014) and securely hosted entirely within Australia.

Metrixcare CEO Mr Steve Govis said that “we use metrics generated by the national quality standards to graphically visualise the value relationship between cost and quality. Our clients are typically committed to achieving the best outcomes for patients as efficiently as possible.”

St Andrews Private Hospital Adelaide has signed a 5 year deal with Metrixcare to implement the value analytics platform to streamline organisational metrics and quality of care indicators integrated with the national quality standards. St Andrews also acts as a national demonstration site for Metrixcare and encourages innovation and collaboration around better care.

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Metrixcare provides unique capabilities for the delivery of value based healthcare by expanding the information capabilities of organisations through a flexible, affordable and simple to use platform of visual thinking tools. Metrixcare is a recognised clinical systems innovator with international experience.

The Metrixcare cloud based value analytics platform provides a secure environment in which excellence can flourish through solutions for continuous performance management, patient safety, clinical workflow and outcomes while tracking standards compliance and accreditation.

Mr Steve Govis, CEO
P: 0417-872-635


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