Wednesday, May 12th, 2010

World leaders in innovative education will attend Big Picture National Conference in Melbourne and Hobart - 17-22 May 2010.

Big Picture Education provides personalised learning for each student. Big Picture aims to educate “one student at a time” placing the student, their passions and their interests at the centre of the learning process.

Big Picture is growing fast across Australia.

Viv White is one of Australia’s great education innovators. She believes that all young Australians should have the chance to succeed in our education systems. Big Picture is her passion.

Viv is founder and CEO of the Big Picture Education Australia. Viv was CEO of the Victorian Schools Innovation Commission (VSIC) and the Australian National Schools Network (ANSN) and has been involved in school development for many years.

Elliot Washor
has been selected as one of the “Daring Dozen” - the Twelve Most Daring Educators in the World by the George Lucas Educational Foundation. Elliot is the co-founder and co-director of Big Picture Learning in the USA.

For 30 years, Eliot has reformed schools - as a teacher, principal, administrator, video producer, and writer. He makes schools connect with communities to understand tacit and disciplinary learning both in and outside of school.

Steve Bingler is the founder of Concordia Architects in New Orleans, and he has been changing the way we think about school design. Intrigued by the seemingly obvious question “what is a school?”, Steve has become a visionary spokesperson for the school as the centre of a community.

Steve has designed many schools for Big Picture in the US and has collaborated on education projects with universities such as MIT, Harvard and the University of New Mexico and written many articles.

The conference brings together over 100 teachers, students and coaches from across the country who have been developing personalised learning.

For media enquiries, interview requests or access to video footage including school profiles and student interviews from Australian Big Picture Schools contact:

Viv White - 0409 120 749 - [email protected]

Linelle Gibson - 0423 317 689 - [email protected]

Peter Flynn - 0417 259 998- [email protected]

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Big Picture Education Australia

Big Picture Education Australia wants to make schools better. Our philosophy is grounded in educating "one student at a time". We promote and create personalised education programs that are unique for each student.
Viv White
P: 0409 120 749


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