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WHO:  The Breaking Fast Collective (Leticia Mooney and Robin Freeth); speakers Daniel Perotti and Guy Turner
WHAT:  Breaking Fast is for professionals who want to start their week with an explosion of leading edge ideas and share them with other professionals. It’s a series of talks where no tech is allowed, are a maximum of 20 minutes long, any profits are paid forward and the food is sensational.
WHERE:  Cos, 18 Leigh Street, Adelaide
WHEN:  Monday 29 June 2015, 7:30 am - 8:45 am

MORE INFORMATION: Call Leticia Mooney on 0421 925 382 or Robin Freeth on 0419 217 269.

Breaking Fast is a new business event, one that will kick your week into another dimension.

A new breakfast event is set to blow the roof off Adelaide's business community. Not content with the glass ceiling that South Australia tends to give itself, the Breaking Fast Collective is bringing risk-taking speakers to share sometimes insane ideas.

Not your usual networking-over-breakfast event, Breaking Fast brings you local, big thinkers with ideas that will blow your mind. Speakers are briefed to only bring ideas to the table that range from fascinating  to Elon Musk insanity in terms of scope. Speakers are not allowed presentations, projectors, audio... in fact, any tech at all. They are required to stand in front of you with just their ideas. And they'll be stopped at 20 minutes, finished or not.

All profits made from this event are paid forwards to charities nominated by the speakers.

The two local entrepreneurs behind the Breaking Fast Collective, Leticia Mooney (Strategist at Brutal Pixie) and Robin Freeth (speaker, mentor, coach), have decided that now is a good time for an event like this.

'Adelaide is finding its feet in terms of supporting an innovative ecosystem,' commented Leticia on Monday. 'But we're at risk of getting comfortable, of having the same speakers say the same things at every event. Breaking Fast intends to disrupt that. We are setting out to prove that massive, crazy, unicorn-raising ideas exist here, and often in unlikely places - and then to table them.'

Robin agreed. 'It's about curating an explosion of leading-edge ideas, in a format that nobody else does. We guarantee that this event will finish on time: Our speakers will only have their words to get their message across. It's for people who are serious about stretching their views, making great connections. It's first thing on a Monday, to get the week kicked off right.'

The first Breaking Fast event is coming up on Monday 29 June 2015, 7:30 am, at Cos 18 Leigh. Its inaugural speakers are Daniel Perotti (Innovation Manager at News Corp) and Guy Turner (Customer Solutions Manager at News Corp). Daniel and Guy will be discussing the Future of the Media. They know well that the media is being disrupted, and will continue to change, led by the people who use it. They will discuss their (sometimes divergent!) ideas on where things are heading.

Both Daniel and Guy are heavily invested in innovation, and not just in their roles at News. They have both participated in the MEGA and Venture Dorm programs, being active entrepreneurs themselves. Disruption is not just a word to these guys: They take it seriously.


Event Details

Breaking Fast 1:  The Future of the Media

Media is being disrupted and will continue to change,
led by the way people consume it.

Speakers:  Daniel Perotti (News Corp); Guy Turner (News Corp)

Tickets:  $50, includes full cooked breakfast and coffee. Less than 50 seats are available: http://tinyurl.com/BreakingFast1

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Breaking Fast Collective

Breaking Fast is a collaboration between two local entrepreneurs: Leticia Mooney and Robin Freeth. Leticia and Robin want to smash the glass ceiling over South Australia by giving its biggest thinkers an open, public forum in which to bring their (sometimes crazy) ideas to the rest of the business community. A non-profit event, all money made on Breaking Fast is donated to charities of the speakers' choice.

Leticia Mooney
M: 0421 925 382
W: www.eventbrite.com.au/edit?eid=17365952030


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