Thursday, June 11th, 2015

Today, 11 June, Waterfind was presented with the 2015 South Australian State iAwards for the Regional Inclusion and Community category. The iAwards for Regional Inclusion and Community category highlight companies that support and encourage regional community growth and cohesion, through innovative Information and Communications Technology (‘ICT’) solutions.

The South Australian State iAwards were announced during a ceremony at the Adelaide Convention Centre. Alister Walsh, Waterfind CEO, said “I am honoured to accept this award. A brave vision, innovative culture and investment in technology have brought farmers and irrigators together to trade in an efficient and transparent way.”

Waterfind’s online water trading platform has transformed the water trading industry over the past decade. This transformation involved the application of innovative methods to use ICT in the agricultural domain. Mr Walsh added “We’ve utilised the advancements in ICT to provide accurate, timely and relevant water market information and services to farmers, by facilitating an environment for more lucrative ways to utilise water rights.

Waterfind is credited with having built the first online water trading system which enables water licence holders to conduct trades online 24/7. The system also provides access to national water market data, personalised water entitlement performance reports and a region-specific weekly water report, which is emailed out every Monday morning. Water policy updates, market opportunities, trading restrictions and closures are communicated in a timely manner via SMS, email or phone to ensure the message reaches its recipient, all of which utilise our online platform.

These customers are spread over a 3,000km belt, which includes key agricultural regions in SA, VIC, NSW and QLD. Through the utilisation of the internet technology, the company has innovated the water transferring processes and activated regional markets that had proven historically difficult to reach and integrate. Waterfind’s online water trading system operates in line with all local water management rules, encompassing a total of 27,000 government rules (e.g. transfer fees, inter-regions tradability matrices).

Farmers have always been early adopters of technology, from growing techniques to risk management. Following feedback from our customers, we created a website that is built for mobile devices that provides greater access and simpler navigation: "Waterfind’s customers are at the core of our business. We engaged with them and listened to their requests to redesign our website. The result is a clean, new look with relevant and insightful content, enhanced navigation and search capabilities. Customers can now seamlessly review the live market, form an understanding and trade water from any mobile device" said Alister Walsh, Waterfind CEO.

As a company that lists innovation as one of five key values, Waterfind will continue to invest in developments that benefit farmers and irrigators in regional communities across Australia. 

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Waterfind is a pioneer in the water market industry. The company has a strong focus on innovation and quality systems, which underpin their highly personalized service offering.

Established in 2003, Waterfind developed a quality endorsed water market system that expanded from a local focus on water supply and demand, to a national market that covers key agricultural industries and investors. At present, Waterfind facilitates the buying and selling of both permanent and temporary water across the major irrigation regions of NSW, QLD, SA and VIC.

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