Tuesday, June 9th, 2015

Perth entertainment news show, "Popcorn" took viewers on a whirlwind tour of the entertainment scene in Perth in season one. You don’t know who they are? Well it’s time to check them out on Youtube. The show spotlighted local talent in the areas of film, theatre, music and fashion. They are now preparing for season two, with a few more ideas, but as most arts endeavours go, they are looking for funding.

Recently, the government announced that community television stations might no longer be licensed after 2015, meaning they will no longer be on the public airwaves. While Popcorn is already web based, their production plan for 2015 and beyond was to move to WTV and eventually, look at the possibility of subscription or network TV. This move greatly affects WTV in Perth. With many performers getting their break on community television, this could affect the career paths of future actors and musicians and putting increasing pressure on social media as a distribution model.

With no other show like "Popcorn" for the Perth area, the team want to keep going regardless and have started a crowdfunding campaign to cover basic costs. “We want to keep it going and bring attention to our local talent, and hopefully expand our offering – something we can’t do with our current funding model” says Bec Caldwell, host of Popcorn.

“We’ve had a great response from film-makers, theatre companies and artists and PR wanting to be on the show and support it so that they get a bigger audience, but we need more local support to fit everyone in!”

Host and Co-Producer, Bec Caldwell studied Broadcasting and Acting as well as Film Production at Central Tafe and is known for her stint as a Clinique It Girl as well as acting in several short films and commercials. She has teamed up with Herding Cats Productions to bring “Popcorn” to life, utilising local crew on a volunteer basis. They recently auditioned for additional hosts and reporters in order to talk to more artists for the show.

"Popcorn" is offering several perks for those who donate to our crowd funding campaign on Indiegogo. A fantastic option they are offering is one of non-monetary help; that is, if you can donate something they need to spend money on, you can negotiate your perk.

If you’d like more information about Popcorn, or Herding Cats Productions, head to their Facebook pages and crowdfunding page for details. 



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