Monday, May 10th, 2010
The sensational new US Pfilates program is now available to Australians on DVD. Developed by a US doctor, the Pfilates program ensures that even the hidden pelvic floor muscles get a full workout.

Pfilates consists of a series of specific movements that strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. These movements can be conducted alone, or can be included in any pilates exercise program. Regular Pfilates exercising will give the pelvic floor muscles the workout they need to prevent incontinence and other pelvic floor problems.

“Pelvic floor health and fitness remains the least understood, least discussed, and most hidden, wellness issue for both men and women alike” says Dr Bruce Crawford, a urogynaecologist and designer of the Pfilates program

In his search for a solution, Dr Crawford identified the movements that are most beneficial for building stronger pelvic floor muscles by attaching electrodes to women while they exercised, and viewing the effects of exercise on their hidden pelvic floor muscles.

Using this data, he developed a simple program consisting of ten movements undertaken in the same order at three different levels of expertise, allowing any woman or man to exercise and progress in the privacy of home.

“With our ageing population, the prevalence of pelvic floor disorders including urinary incontinence, faecal incontinence, and pelvic organ prolapse will increase dramatically” says Dr Crawford . “We need practical ways to help people achieve a stronger pelvic floor. This was my motivation behind the creation of the Pfilates program: a movement-based exercise program specifically created to improve pelvic floor strength, endurance, and coordination.”

Although pelvic floor problems have generally been seen as ‘women’s business’, Dr Crawford believes that the Pfilates program can be equally helpful to men, especially men who are experiencing erectile dysfunction.

“Numerous reports now reveal the importance of pelvic floor function in maintaining normal erectile function” he says.

"These simple exercises will help everyone, from people who have never exercised through to experienced pilates practitioners, to strengthen these hidden muscles and prevent long term pelvic floor disorders."

The Pfilates DVD costs $29.95 and is available exclusively in Australia from Pelvic Floor Exercise (

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