Tuesday, June 9th, 2015

Australian aged care company, Belvedere Aged Care in Noble Park, today officially launched its new brand identity, developed with Melbourne based agency, Ellis Jones. The new brand challenges the conservative aged care stereotype, inviting intimacy and expressing a richness of spirit.

“Belvedere is a growing company. Central to our success has been the unique experience we create for residents,” said CEO, Rachel Noel. “That was the starting point for a new brand identity strategy and visual communication materials, expressing the essence of who we really are.”

Following research with employees and stakeholders, Ellis Jones worked through an archetyping and identity development process. Archetyping is a rapid and engaging means to direct conceptual thinking.

“Belvedere’s archetype is The Lover, the first we have worked with in aged care,” said agency Principal, Rhod Ellis-Jones. “A sense of comfortable and warm self-expression permeates the chatter of residents, the lounge rooms and the lifestyle programs of the company.”

Belvedere’s brand essence is ‘deep connection’. The brand is defined by: the home as a soulful haven; intuitive empathy in relationships between staff and residents; kinship; accommodation choices of distinction; and experiences tailored to the individual (like well-designed clothing).

“Most aged care providers use stock imagery of carers and older people in staged contexts. There is little differentiation between providers and often, when it is attempted, it is a shallow brand promise ultimately unmet when families enter a home,” said Rhod Ellis-Jones.

“Belvedere’s brand is not contrived; it reflects the guiding principles of the company’s visionaries - which are embedded in architecture, care and lifestyle programs - and the very real experience fostered organically over time by people for whom Belvedere is home.”

Rachel Noel says the positive response to the company’s new website and brand activation activities has been an inspiration to staff and residents.

“The brand identity is now informing employee engagement and recruitment strategies and architectural design of new facilities, ensuring our special brand of love continues to be experienced by older people and their families in life’s later stages.”

More information on Belvedere: www.belvedere.com.au and download company overview here.

More information on Ellis Jones: www.ellisjones.com.au

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