Friday, June 5th, 2015

Prior to his appointment as State Liberal leader Matthew Guy appealed to the socially conservative. Australian Christians State Director Vickie Janson says 'He did this in a number of ways. He stood with those who are very concerned about a shift to celebrating, rather than educating, about sexual diversity in schools. He appealed to those who are concerned to retain the definition of marriage for the sake of children having the legal possibility to a mum and dad. He claimed he would be a voice for children and that his principles were guided by his conservative values and so appealed to those who shared them. Now as State Liberal Leader, Matthew Guy has abandoned both these principles and these people for politics.'


Ironically both Liberal and Labor politicians who support the 'Marriage Equality Bill' introduced by Federal Opposition Leader Bill Shorten  reveal just how disconnected they are from those they claim to represent. While actively redefining themselves as socially progressive and becoming less distinguishable from the Greens, they claim support for the concept of multicultural Australia. Yet Australia’s multicultural makeup consists of ethnic minorities who are generally socially conservative. Australia’s immigrants and refugees generally come from socially conservative cultures. The majority of those within the Christian community in Australia also remain socially conservative. What they need is a leader to represent them.


While Matthew Guy concludes from Irelands vote on same-sex marriage that it is ‘about time’ Australia did likewise, he overlooks the report that ‘two-thirds of (Ireland’s) adult population either voted "no" or did not vote.’ Perhaps all the Irish outcome tells us is it’s about time we saw a much needed break in public apathy. But sadly that’s unlikely when politicians ‘progress’ beyond their electorate rather than stand with and represent those who vote for them.


Janson says that while Victorian Liberals have moved away from their conservative base, Australian Christians  will remain steadfast in representing the cultural diversity in Australia which is overwhelmingly socially conservative. She says 'people and principle are more important than politics.  What we are discussing is a social experiment that will by necessity leave some children fatherless or motherless. It's extremely disappointing to see another politician persuaded by perceived popularity rather than principle'.

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Australian Christians is a federal political party with the goal of representing the values and concerns of the 2.7 million Christian Australians who attend church once a month or more, and others who identify with these values and human rights concerns.

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