Friday, May 7th, 2010
Legion and TSS Announce Solutions for City Planners and Transportation Authorities to Plan and Manage the Issues of Traffic Congestion - Marketwire

LONDON Traffic congestion affects more than just temperaments. It affects the quality of life for millions of persons and is one of the biggest contributors to what most people and governments hate: "productive time waste" and "energy over-cost," hence the urgent need for the world to find innovative solutions to solve traffic congestion.

The Challenge: Consider the personal, social and economic benefits of finding ways to reduce traffic congestion. Or to put another way, think how much worse it is likely to become if we do not seek practical solutions to address the consequences of irreversible and inevitable growth of population and urbanisation. A city journey in the majority of large congested cities around the world, which took 30 minutes in 2000, can now take close to 1 hour and without far reaching solutions it could take 2 hours by 2020.

Innovation is the key to helping resolve such enormous challenge

The good news is that out of the hundreds of companies that are busy finding and testing new solutions to traffic congestion, the collaboration between two dynamic and far thinking companies, has resulted in an innovative, scientific based solution that actually works and which has been designed specifically to help city planners and transportation authorities to plan and manage the issues of traffic congestion.

One company is Transport Simulation Systems (TSS), located in Barcelona, Spain, which has a singular focus on developing transport modelling software for traffic management, currently servicing over 1,500 users in 55 countries with their software Aimsun, considered the most technically advanced tool for the planning, management and visualisation of vehicular traffic.

The other company is Legion, a British based company with a global reach, considered as the leading company in the world in the field of pedestrian simulation technology.

Solutions at hand

According to Nick Connor, CEO of Legion: "The power of what can now be achieved through the combination of Aimsun traffic simulations with Legion's patented, scientific based pedestrian simulation technology is immense. We are, for the first time, able to provide the necessary insights that will shape decisions, providing the insight to enable greatly improved public safety, a significant reduction in congestion and create smoother multi-modal journeys."

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Whether your organization is a Transit Agency, Urban Planning agency, a Sports Venue or Major Event Planner, Legion is able to deliver significant increases in capacity of your facility (10% or more) for the same limited set of assets. This is achieved through the combination of Legion's unique predictive simulation technology, 12 years of expertise in its delivery and by integration with leading industry methods.
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