Monday, May 25th, 2015

Frank Nardone from South Australian wine producer Nardone Baker Wines has joined the South Australian Premier's 255 strong delegation to China's Shandong Province.

Arriving in China on Friday 22 May 2015, the trade and investment mission will meeting with hundreds of local businesses over several days. 

Of the South Australian wineries who are sending representatives, Nardone Baker Wines is one of four involved in the Premier's Gala Dinner on Sunday which 200 Chinese guests will attend.

"This is an important event for us," said Frank Nardone, Managing Director of Nardone Baker Wines, "And we are sure our involvement will be well rewarded with new business opportunities."

The second Shandong-South Australia Cooperation and Development Forum on 25 May will also be a key event on the trade and investment mission’s program.

Nardone Baker Wines is making significant inroads into the Chinese wine market, especially in Yunnan province, thanks to a seven-year relationship and a new joint venture with local company Kunming RuiRun.

The locals' taste for premium South Australian Wines has grown, which has prompted Frank Nardone's decision to work with Kunming RuiRun to open an exclusive Nardone Baker Wines tasting room and wine education centre in Kunming.

Kunming is a city on the move, bucking the slowdown in other areas of China. Once regarded as a small and remote regional capital in the south western province of Yunnan, it has recently opened China's fourth largest International Airport and it's new Exhibition and Conference Centre will host the South Asia Expo in June 2015.

Frank Nardone said, "When he first came here eight years ago many roads were still dirt. Now there are highways and a multi-line subway system. Where there were rice paddies and local villages there are now modern skyscrapers and shopping complexes."

"Kunming has come a long way, with development outstripping most other Chinese capital cities," he said.

The two companies have distribution arrangement that is unique for Australian wine producers. Initially Kunming RuiRun carried only Nardone Baker Wines Treeview Range of premium wines, today they also offer the iconic Nardone Baker flagship brand and the Traditions brand, to bring the total of wines offered to 22. 

Li Guoqin, principal partner and General Manager of Kunming Rui Run said, "It makes sense to us to partner with a strong passionate wine producer that we can trust, particularly now with Kunming still on an upward development phase and the lower Australian Dollar."

"And of course the positive influence of the soon to be enacted Free Trade Agreement also makes this an opportunity worth pursuing," Ms. Li said.

The Nardone Baker Wines and Kunming RuiRun joint venture will benefit both companies in Yunnan and firmly establish the already well-recognised Nardone Baker Wines brand, giving us a springboard to other provinces in China.

Kunming RuiRun not only services Kunming but also distributes wine through a network of wholesalers the regional areas of Yunnan including Shangarlia, LiJiang, Dali, Xi and Shuang Ban Na.


Image: Li Guoqin, principal partner and General Manager of Kunming Rui Run and Frank Nardone, Managing Director of Nardone Baker Wines.

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