Monday, November 13th, 2017 - Mum and Dad Home Loans

When this appeared on our Facebook news feed we had to investigate further....

So we personally caught up with Mum And Dad Home Loans CEO Gee Taggar who has rapidly built a reputation for saving mum and dads thousands of dollars a year through strategically financing or refinancing their home loans via his boutique brokerage services.

Even going to the extreme in a recent social media campaign with this offer: 

“If we can’t find you the best rate or save money on your existing home loan we'll give you $100 cash”.

Boldly choosing to put his money where his mouth is.

Whether the housing market boom is over or not, one thing is sure, interests rates are historically low. 

We asked Mr Taggar: 

"Why is he so confident in his home loan rates when there are several brokerage firms available to mum and dads?"

Then the truth came out….

Having worked high up in the banking system for several years, Mr Taggar brings insider knowledge and private contacts to the table that the average broker doesn’t have access to.

It’s his little black book that separates him from the rest, sometimes getting deals across the line through his contacts that other brokers simply can't.

With the well documented boom of the Australian property market, homes have become increasingly more expensive for the average family and as Mr Taggar pointed out:

“With interest rates where they are right now, a simple refinance can save the average mum and dad hundreds of dollars a month and several thousands over the term of their loan. These savings can really help ease the pressure month to month.”

Adding this with a grin, “with our risk-free offer what have you got to lose?”

Mr Taggar challenged us to invite anyone to try him out and gave us a unique link to take him up on his offer: “If we can’t find you the best rate or save money on your existing home loan we'll give you $100 cash”.

You can test out Mr Taggar’s offer right here:


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Mum and Dad Home Loans

My name is Gee Taggar I’m the CEO and Founder of Mum And Dad Home Loans (Archer Mortgage Group) and I specialise in delivering two core results for my Australian clients: 


1) Securing the best home loan rate for mum and dads (whether that’s through re-financing your current loan because you’re over paying or you’re simply looking to apply for finance now). 

Have you been declined for finance before? 

Not a problem, I can often help find a lender for you. 

In fact, I’m so confident I can save you money (and get a better rate than what you’ve seen available), that if I can’t, I’ll pay you $100 out of my own pocket (*Conditions apply), so either way you make money from our exchange. 

Does that sound fair? 

So if you want to touch base to review your current loan or apply for finance and secure the best deal SMS me now on 0430 276 874 and I’ll get back to you with speed and see how I can help. 


2) Securing finance for property development or projects (even if other lenders have turned you down). 

Why are my services especially unique compared with other brokers? 

Not many brokers have worked high up in the banking industry. 

I spent 7 years working at CBA. 

I have the contacts and resources (even private lenders as an additional option) that can put deals through that would get declined through traditional channels. 

So if you’re ready to have a quick chat send an SMS to 0430 276 874 and I’ll get in touch shortly. 

Phone: 0430 276 874

Gee Taggar
M: 0430276874


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