Thursday, May 14th, 2015

No one doubts that domestic violence has become an issue of epidemic proportions in Australia.  The cold hard facts reveal that too many women and their children have had to face the experience, and that there are often tragic consequences if they cannot escape. 

However, for those that do escape, the truth is they often leave with their children in a hurry.  They have nowhere to go for fear of being found and have limited means and resources to support their family so as to remain safely away. 

They are often, quite literally, on the run from a serious predator. They may have as little as a pair of pyjamas when they need to leave and be safe.

While there is limited government funding and the Abbot Government has established an advisory panel on violence against women, the need for funding for services and support for victims is still so low that people who need urgent support are not able to access it and are slipping through the cracks.

One Gold Coast family law firm, Evans & Company Family Lawyers are doing their part to raise awareness.  Teaming with local charity Assist A Sista, Evans & Company Family Lawyers are new supporters of the charity that helps survivors of domestic violence “restore, rebuild and repair”. 

In addition to their financial support, Evans & Company Family Lawyers are taking the next step by hosting a Gold Coast Corporate Awareness Event in late May 2015.  The event will include fundraising opportunities with all proceeds going back to Assist A Sista. 

Partner Dean Evans says, “Domestic violence is an horrendous issue in Australia.  Unfortunately working in family law reveals to us that all too many adults and children, from all backgrounds and all financial situations, are impacted by domestic violence. The impacts are devastating, including on a short term and long term basis. By hosting a function for Assist A Sista, we aim to raise awareness about their good work amongst our corporate contacts.”

Assist A Sista is a Gold Coast based group of community volunteers who work together to help survivors of domestic violence rebuild their lives.  Through corporate supporters and their facebook page, they facilitate donations of cash, clothing, furniture, non-perishable food items, toys and other essential and non-essential comfort items.

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