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From cashed-up hipsters to suburban domestic jugglers, battlers on struggle street to the blue chip elite, Roy Morgan’sHelix Personas segmentation tool reveals exactly which Australians are among the biggest fans of Sunday night’s popular-vote Logie Award winners.

The Project

In 2014, around 1 in 25 Australians 14+ (3.9%, or around 750,000 people) said they ‘really love to watch’ The Project, hosted by Gold Logie winner Carrie Bickmore. But the show’s biggest fans fall into two quite distinct camps: those in the high net-worth established homes of the Leading Lifestyles community, such as Financial Freedom (105), Humanitarians (107) and Progressive Thinkers (109); and bargain-hunting, often first- or second-generation immigrant households justGetting By, including Making the Rent (507) and Budget Lifestyle (504). Together, these are the Top Five Helix Personas by the proportion who really love to watch The Project.

The Block

Overall, 7.5% of Australians (almost 1.5 million) ‘really love to watch’ The Block, our Most Popular Reality Program. The renovating competition strikes a chord with many of Today’s Families, households in the outer suburbs, using above-average incomes to deck out their homes with the latest technology and furniture. Rural Realists (301), Career and Kids (302) and Looking Good (303) are all among the Top Five Helix Personas most likely to love The Block.


Offspring (which may or may not be returning to our screens) is the only popular-vote Logie winner (for Actress, Asher Keddie) to have any Metrotechs featured among its biggest admirers. These hip, well-educated and tech-savvy professionals often don’t follow mainstream tastes— but over 8% of Healthy, Wealthy and Wise (202) and Cultural Pioneers (208) say they really loved to watch Offspring in 2014. 

Hamish and Andy’s Gap Year

The Most Popular Entertainment Program clearly has broad cultural appeal, with each of the Top Five Personas coming from a different Helix Communities

The Living Room

Most Popular Lifestyle Program The Living Room may be beloved by just 1.9% of Australians overall, but it’s the highest net-worth Helix Persona Bluechip (101) who love it—at a rate almost four times the norm (7.5%).

Home and Away, The Footy Show and Love Child

Strugglestreet (708), in the Battler community, are the number one fans of three Logie winners: 14.2% love Most Popular Drama Home and Away; 12.4% love Love Child, starring Most Popular New Talent winner; and 8.2% love Most Popular Sports Program The Footy Show.

View the full list on our website of the percent of Australians (and types of Australians) who ‘Really Love to Watch’ Logie Winners

Source: Roy Morgan Single Source (Australia), January 2014 – December 2014, sample n = 51,969 Australians 14+. Helix Personas comprising <1.5% of ‘really love’ audience have been excluded.

Tim Martin, General Manager - Media, Roy Morgan Research, says:

“Even though Popular Vote Logie winners are, by definition, those that appeal to the most people overall, we can clearly see that even shows with broad appeal still have niche core fan bases covering a range of different types of Australians. And popular shows like Offspring can be found to appeal in particular to Metrotechs, presenting opportunities for engaging with this hard-to-reach audience.    

“TV stations obviously have a lot to gain when a show or network personality connects with (and becomes loved by) a wide audience.

“But ratings and basic audience demographics alone can’t pinpoint exactly who is most likely to ‘really love watching’ the show. In today’s fragmenting media landscape, targeting is becoming increasingly important. Advertisers who know their best potential customers are Bluechip, for example, might do well to place a spot during The Living Room. Conversely, those advertising during The Project need to consider which messages will connect with each of the two quite different types of people most likely to love watching it.

“Roy Morgan Research’s Single Source data is the preferred multi-media audience measurement currency used by Australian media agencies, and Helix Personas has already partnered with many of the country’s biggest media owners to deliver cost-effective results to advertisers.”

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