Thursday, April 30th, 2015

New Application Makes Migration to Microsoft Azure Seamless While Minimizing Risk

IRVINE, CA--(Marketwired) - Vision Solutions, Inc., a leading provider of disaster recovery, high availability and migration software and services, today formally announced its Double-Take Cloud Migration Center product. Double-Take Cloud Migration Center provides automated migration for servers and applications into the cloud from private and public cloud platforms.

Double-Take Cloud Migration Center supports migration for servers running on Amazon Web Services and on VMware vSphere moving over to Microsoft Azure. The migrations can be managed and completed automatically on behalf of the user -- from cloud image provisioning and set-up to installation and cut-over.

"Companies are looking at how they move to cloud and use migration as part of their ongoing strategy for deploying IT assets. What suited businesses last year may no longer be the best fit today due to changes in cost or performance," said Vision Solutions Vice President, Cloud & Strategic Alliances, Ian Masters. "However, migrations cannot adversely impact companies' day-to-day operations with detrimental downtime. Double-Take Cloud Migration Center provides automated, simplified migration processes, which ease the burden associated with moving platforms, while providing the flexibility companies need when selecting the best cloud platform as their requirements change over time." Tweet This

For companies moving to Microsoft Azure, Double-Take Cloud Migration Center includes automated discovery of all virtual machines (VMs) running within a user's account, making it easier to group machines that can be migrated together. Users can then select migration destinations during the initial set-up phase in order to make the process more efficient. When servers are geographically distributed, whether for availability or performance, these relationships can be selected and kept in place after the migration is completed.

Users will benefit from the following features available to them within the new application:

  • Easy configuration with simple steps and automation
  • Simplified source discovery with easy-to-find production servers
  • Convenient, browser-based migration management
  • Real-time replication to avoid lost productivity
  • Test cutover capability
  • Automatic target server provisioning

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"Vision Solutions' Double-Take Cloud Migration Center is transforming the way companies move applications and servers to the cloud," said Tim Laplante, Director of Product Strategy at Vision Solutions. "Users can confidently rely on the simplicity of this service to perform migrations, making a complex process intuitive. With a seamless process from start to finish -- all steps clearly indicated in one centralized, browser-based dashboard -- the task becomes foolproof. The Double-Take Cloud Migration Center is a tremendous asset to IT teams, it frees them up for a variety of other tasks and strategic IT initiatives and allows them to create more value for the business overall."
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Double-Take Cloud Migration Center is based on Double-Take Move, the company's migration solution for true, near-zero downtime and anything-to-anything server, application and data migrations.

To learn more about Double-Take Cloud Migration Center:

About Vision Solutions (
Vision Solutions is the premier provider of software solutions designed to protect data, minimize downtime and maximize data center resources. It is the only company to deliver workload migrations, high availability, disaster recovery and data sharing -- across multiple operating systems, on any hardware and in any physical, virtual or Cloud-based environment. Its solutions perform near-zero downtime migration of data, applications and systems and utilize real-time replication to prevent data loss. And its software enables different database platforms to seamlessly share and consolidate data in real-time. Vision Solutions has been serving enterprises and managed service providers for over 25 years through our portfolio of Double-Take®, MIMIX® and iTERA® product brands. 

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