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DRESDEN, GERMANY--(Marketwired) - ZMD AG (ZMDI), an award-winning global semiconductor company headquartered in Dresden, Germany, and specializing in enabling energy-efficient solutions, has released the ZSPM1511, ZSPM1512 and ZSPM1513 single-phase, true-digital pulse-width modulator (PWM) power controllers optimized for non-isolated point-of-load (POL) applications. ZMDI offers superior, high-performance solutions for power management, sensing, battery management, automotive ASICs and industrial ASSPs. With over 50 years of industry leadership, ZMDI is a preferred supplier for many customers because of its reputation for quality and innovative products. ZMDI is introducing the ZSPM1511, ZSPM1512 and ZSPM1513 to expand its energy-efficient ZSPM15xx True-Digital PWM Controller Family of turnkey smart POL solutions.

The ZSPM1511, ZSPM1512 and ZSPM1513 are pre-configured to provide customers with a fast time-to-market and easy-to-design solution for high-performance, digitally controlled power supplies with one of ZMDI's integrated MOSFET power stage DrMOS products: the ZSPM9000, ZSPM9010, ZSPM9015 or ZSPM9060. ZSPM15xx controllers feature a flexible design that allows users to easily select the over-current protection limit, output voltage rise time and control-loop compensation via two external resistors to achieve the highest performance.

ZSPM15xx controllers are preconfigured for the power stage output: the ZSPM1511 output is 0.85V; ZSPM1512 output is 1.00V; and ZSPM1513 output is 1.20V. All three new products are capable supporting up to a maximum load current of 15A. ZMDI provides bills-of-materials and circuit board layouts to improve customer design cycles, reduce external component costs and minimize the application footprint.

"The release of the ZSPM1511, ZSPM1512 and ZSPM1513 complements the ZSPM15xx family, which is able to provide power solutions for bus voltages from 0.85V up to 5.0V and maximum load currents up to 40A. Many high performance field programmable gate array(FPGA), digital signal processor(DSP) and system-on-chip(SoC) applications require multiple supply voltages to power the FPGA, DSP, SoC, peripheral input/output devices and transceivers in the application," said Hensen Wong, Product Marketing Manager of the ZMDI Power Management Division. "With the ZSPM15xx family, ZMDI offers a wide portfolio of highly accurate digital power solutions with ultra-fast transient response, very low jitter and ripple, and they are simple to design with a turnkey solution."

ZSPM1511, ZSPM1512 and ZSPM1513 FEATURES

  • High accuracy output stage voltage (± 1%)
  • Ultra-fast transient response
  • Capable of supporting maximum load currents up to 15A
  • Low noise and ripple at the output
  • Faster time-to-market with tested and ready POL solutions
  • Factory pre-configured with industry-standard voltages

*   ZSPM1511 output: 0.85V

*   ZSPM1512 output: 1.0V

*   ZSPM1513 output: 1.2V

  • Enhanced performance with ZMDI's integrated MOSFET power-stage DrMOS products: ZSPM9000, ZSPM9010, ZSPM9015 or ZSPM9060
  • High power density in a 4 x 4 mm QFN24 package
  • Selectable over-current limit protection, output voltage slew rate and control loop compensation
  • Full feature set for fault protection
  • Operation temperature: -40°C to +125°C
  • Operation from a single supply voltage: 5V


  • Wireless base stations
  • Enterprise routers/switches
  • Gateways
  • Cloud data storage
  • Telecommunication equipment
  • FPGA, DSP and SoC applications


The ZSPM1511, ZSPM1512 and ZSPM1513 are in full production. Parts and evaluation kits are available from ZMDI ( and its distribution partners (

Please use this link to view the video for the ZSPM15XX series

About ZMDI

Zentrum Mikroelektronik Dresden AG (ZMDI) is a global supplier of analog and mixed-signal semiconductors solutions for automotive, industrial, medical, mobile sensing, information technology and consumer applications. These solutions enable our customers to create the most energy-efficient products in sensing, power management and lighting.

For over 50 years, ZMDI has been globally headquartered in Dresden, Germany. ZMDI serves its customers with sales offices and design centers throughout Germany, Austria, Bulgaria, China, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and the United States.

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ZMDI Announces ZSPM1511 ZSPM1512 ZSPM1513 Extend ZSPM15xx True-Digital PWM Controller Family Simplifying Designs Accelerating Time-to-Market



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