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Ambitious Start-Up Disrupts Voice Communication

NEW YORK, NY and TEL AVIV, ISRAEL -- (Marketwired) -- Apr 28, 2015 -- Left for dead in a temporary tsunami of text and messaging innovation, the voice call is about to be reborn. Yallo is a start-up with a big and bold vision: to reinvent the phone call so people can fall in love with it again. We've all seen the innovation in messaging, photography and video -- from WhatsApp and SnapChat to Instagram and Meerkat. But the phone call hasn't changed in decades. Until now.

Launching today on Android (with iOS to follow), Yallo gives voice users never-before-seen powers. When has the phone call been this useful, flexible or entertaining?

  • Call Caption lets you identify the subject of every call (like email) so recipients can triage and respond... or not.
  • Calls can be recorded, archived, transcribed, and made searchable at any point in the call.
  • Summon a group with a single click - a seamless option for connecting families, business teams or any group that you need to join on the fly.
  • Our Connection Keeper instantly restores dropped calls when the signal reemerges -- no more annoying dance of who's calling whom back!
  • Flex - Move calls effortlessly from one device to another. Start on your mobile and switch to your desktop or tablet without a hitch.
  • Existing phone numbers are welcome - No need to get a new number or transfer your existing one.
  • Yallo's Busy Buster creates a "connection contract." Both parties agree that their calls take priority, and Yallo gently but firmly interrupts a call to connect you -- and busts the busy signal!
  • Add new numbers - as many as you want, with a click; imagine unique numbers for all of your relationships!

Coming soon will be features like:

  • Geosmarts - Set up a call to ring the moment someone gets to a specific destination.
  • Theater of the Call - Add music, sound effects, modulations and flirty images.

"We are reinventing the voice call, top to bottom," said Tal Elyashiv, CEO and Founder of Yallo. "The human voice is the most powerful and nuanced communications medium. Text and messaging have their role, but we seek to restore the voice call to the center of our communication palette, with ongoing innovations that meet the needs of today's highly-engaged, personal and business lifestyles. We are a platform for voice disruption -- what AT&T and Bell Labs were in the 19th and 20th century, we are in the 21st century."

"Yallo is transforming the voice communication experience," said Shlomo Dovrat, Co-Founder and General Partner of Carmel Ventures, an early investor in Yallo. "That's the big vision of the company. All of our social and business communications will be elevated by what Tal and his team are brilliantly delivering."

About Yallo:
At Yallo, our mission is to reimagine the phone call as a platform for entertainment, personalization, enterprise, organization, storage and radical efficiency. After all, there is no more powerful tool of communication than the human voice. It says more than any finger or swipe ever could. Yallo lets you do things with the ordinary call that were never possible before. Practical things -- like automatically reconnect dropped calls and save a call and share it. Or summon a group call with a single click. Or interrupt a call when a priority caller needs you. Or fun things too. Yallo brings voice to relevancy and relevancy to voice. It's the beginning of a new world where voice can be call powerful. Get to know

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