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Neil Kelliher, aka Mr Inta-Fitness, Is Bringing Far Northerners The Latest 28 Day Flat Belly Challenge With The Aim To Get Rid Of 1000 Kilos Of Fat From The Bellies Of Far North Residents.

For 15 months now he has helped over 400 far northerners transform their lives with a number of hugely successful 28 day challenges; Cairns resident, Neil Kelliher, (aka, Mr. Inta-Fitness), has launched his latest transformation challenge to literally beat the bulge in the Far North and fight this alarming obesity and diabetes epidemic.

According to Neil, it is a fact that Australia is in the midst of a health crisis and especially the Far North. “Obesity is currently the single biggest threat to public health in Australia. The facts are astounding. Around fourteen million Australians are currently overweight or obese. If this trend continues, by 2025, close to 80 per cent of all Australian adults will be overweight or obese.”

On top of that, “ More people die from diabetes and its complications than from breast and prostate cancer combined. “

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Neil said something must be done to slow this frightening trend and after many years of personal training and studying health and nutrition he came up with his own brand of weight loss and lifestyle formula to rival the best whilst simultaneously tackling these two closely linked and deadly diseases.

“The key to the success of my formula relies on a combination of clean eating, intermittent fasting, hyper loading (cheat day) and metabolism boosting exercise that unlocks the number one fat burning hormone, Leptin while at the same time controlling insulin and blood sugar leading to not only weight loss but an abundance of health and well-being.”

Neil says there is a simple fact that cannot be denied; “A healthy body cannot be overweight and a healthy body cannot have diabetes or be labelled obese”. With this fact in mind his program teaches health which in turn helps treat and/or prevent these terrible diseases.

Neil said his 28 Day Flat Belly Formula is not a gimmick, but a transformation program that gives participants the ability to see and feel results that they can take with them for the rest of their life. On average they will each lose between six and eight kilos of weight and feel strong and fit to face a healthier future. This is not a fad diet, nor does it encourage unhealthy weight loss methods such as dangerous pills or excessive meal replacements. Neil says it was developed for the 30-60 age group whom are the ones most at risk of diabetes & obesity.

After launching the program in January of last year the program has already helped over 400 residents of the Far North with an average weight loss of 6.8 kilos per person over the 28 days. These people have also continued their initial success and lost more weight or maintained the original loss with a new lease on life. In many cases people on medications were also able to reduce dosages or cease the medication altogether.

“As an added incentive I am offering a $1,000 cash prize for the best mind and body transformation during this latest challenge. This method of delivery with a great cash prize had proven to be the best way to keep people on track for the 28 days. What they don't realise is it takes 28 days to form a new habit. They sign up for results and a possible cash prize but by the end they have created totally new health habits and rituals which will stay with them for life.”

Between now and 9th May Feb Neil is searching for 150 people to participate in this 28 Flat Belly Challenge with the aim of shedding 1000 kilos of excess weight and helping the Far North to beat the bulge and fight this current diabetes and obesity crisis.

The program costs just $1 to get started and is available online by visiting

About Neil Kelliher

Neil Kelliher (aka Mr. Inta-Fitness) is a multi award winning Personal Trainer and Weight Loss Specialist originally from Melbourne. Over 15 years he has been awarded over nine business and customer service awards including two times Fitness Business of the Year and five years in a row Australian Achiever. After successfully transforming the lives of thousands of clients over the years and a burning desire to reach more people with his unique lifestyle and training system, he developed the 28 Day Flat Belly Formula weight loss and combined detox program with a mission to simplify the very confusing world of weight loss and provide a solution to the masses whom have struggled for years to lose the weight and keep it off.


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Neil Kelliher – 27 April, 2015


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