Tuesday, April 21st, 2015

With popular jobs receiving 3-8 responses within the first hour, TradeEzi is well placed to ensure you get bang for your buck! The Australian web company that introduced it’s online market place for Trade Services in May 2013 is changing the way consumers find and engage trade service providers.

What’s in it for the consumer?
Users can post their home renovation and trade service jobs online, and reach a community now of more than 25,000 service providers across Australia! Local trades people who can service this job can then respond instantly with quotes or inspection requests saving you time, money and a headache!

Tim Maeder, Marketing director for TradeEzi explains that “The focus is now on getting consumers to appreciate the advantages of using a service like TradeEzi. For a user who posts a job, we see significant variations in pricing and availability of services and this is what we love. Unlike other sites who limit their responses to 3 (because they are content with selling the leads to the highest bidder), TradeEzi provides unlimited responses leading to a more diverse and realistic range of quotes”.

“If you need some electricalplumbing or painting work done, it’s not uncommon to have 8 or 9 responses within 30 mins of posting your job and these come from interested and available Service Providers.” TradeEzi’s opportunity to reach a wider community of local tradespeople at the click of a button is changing the way both households and businesses reach quality Tradespeople.

“We also protect the identity of the consumer until they are comfortable in sharing this information with the service provider”. Mr Maeder explained. “Jobs can be posted with or without a contact phone number and while TradeEzi does require an email address for consumers to post jobs, we provide an anonymous email service for consumers and trade service providers to communicate with one and other”.

How does it save me money?
Mr Maeder explains “ People are sometimes weary of the lowest quoted price, and while we always recommend looking at someone’s qualifications and insurance documentation, we see quality service providers delivering great deals on jobs all the time. Based on their availability and proximity to a location, it can be an extremely convenient job for them and this generally leads to a better outcome for you. It’s not always about price though, reaching a wider audience also means you can find trades people who can complete jobs inside your time frame”.

Why should Tradies be excited?
TradeEzi.com.au also delivers a regularly visited online platform that allows businesses to advertise their services and receive multiple job opportunities for no cost! They also encourages service providers to display their License, Insurance and Membership information on their online profile, allowing consumers to view their documentation when they receive a quote or inspection request, leading to added peace of mind for both parties. ‘We have seen excellent growth in the service provider community as they recognise the alternative to existing paid competitors in the industry and relish the idea of a free marketplace” said Tim Maeder.

Don’t think past TradeEzi.com.au to source all your home improvement and trade professionals.

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TradeEzi is and Australian online trade service marketplace that bridges the gap between customer and business communication. 

Users post their home renovation jobs, which are then simultaneously sent to multiple local businesses in the area. These businesses and tradespeople are then given the option to respond with a wider range of options from quotes and inspection requests to receiving the users phone number or providing a personalised message. 

Best of all the entire service is both free to sign up and free to use.  With over 28,000 service providers and growing, TradeEzi perfectly positioned to ensure that you receive the best value for money when it comes to home renovation and maintenance.

For businesses, TradeEzi provides a highly visited online platform that is easy to navigate and displays your business in a professional, accessible manner. Move your business into an online forum with TradeEzi and receive more work both locally and Australia wide. 

Tim Maeder
P: 1300883424
W: www.Tradeezi.com.au


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