Wednesday, May 5th, 2010
Queensland, Australia —Zoo-phonics has been launched in Australia with its head office in Brisbane, Australia.

Zoo-phonics is a method developed to make children strong readers and spellers using a “phono” (hearing), “oral” (speaking), “visual” (seeing), “kinaesthetic” (moving), and tactile (touching)—whole brain approach. Students actually learn the sounds of the alphabet and advanced phonemic concepts through an easily understood, concrete method of presentation.

The Zoo-phonics Program Zoo-phonics was born in the classroom of Georgene Gigi Bradshaw in 1983. Gigi began using kinaesthetic techniques tied to phonics to teach reading and spelling to her students. Her unique and highly successful approach quickly caught on with other teachers, including her sister Charlene Char Wrighton.

Gigi and Char have teamed with illustrator Irene Clark and have taken Gigis original techniques and made them the Essences and foundation for the Zoo-phonics Program, developing a comprehensive, balanced, literature-based method for teaching reading and spelling.

Every aspect of the program has been field-tested and found to be effective. Educational research has repeatedly supported the focus of phonics in early reading programs, as well as the educational benefits of pictorial mnemonics and kinaesthetic approaches to learning that are unique to Zoo-phonics.

What makes Zoo-phonics different?

In Zoo-phonics, we take something that is very abstract (reading) and through music, stories, puppets and games, turn it into something that is concrete and understandable to young children.


a) Uses 26 animals to teach letter shapes and sounds
b) Teaches the lower case letters before introducing capitals
c) Teaches letter sounds before letter names
d) Teaches a body movement, or signal, in association with each Animal/letter of the alphabet; these Signals aid memory and bring fun into the classroom
e) Treats the alphabet as a whole and goes from a-z
f) Teaches short vowels before long vowels
g) Uses word family patterns to teach reading and spelling, because children are naturals at finding and remembering patterns

For more information on the program, visit our website at , email us at [email protected] or call us on 1300 155 587

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Zoo-phonics Australia

The Zoo-phonics Language Arts Program is a kinaesthetic, multi-modal approach to learning all aspects of language arts, including vocabulary development and articulation, based on phonics and phonemic awareness. The principle of Zoo-phonics maximises understanding, memory, utilisation and transference to all areas of the reading, spelling and writing process in a playful and concrete manner.
Deborah Benseman
P: 1300 155 587


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