Friday, April 10th, 2015

Care for the air while staying warm this winter

As the temperature continues to drop and winter creeps closer, now is the perfect time to check and clean your wood heater’s flue.

The Australian Home Heating Association General Manager Demi Brown said this simple step is vital to ensuring your wood heating appliance runs safely and efficiently.

“Your flue should be cleaned regularly by your local chimney sweep and you should make it a habit to look outside and check your flue for smoke,” Ms Brown said.

Ms Brown also encouraged home owners to stock up on seasoned firewood purchased from a reputable supplier.

Those wanting to gather their own firewood should check if this is allowed with their local council and ensure the wood is seasoned for at least 12 months before use.

“Avoid using green wood,” Ms Brown said. “This can lead to increased smoke as the fire has to burn off trapped water before the logs can really catch alight.”

Each time you reload your wood heater, leave the air vents open for 15-20 minutes to help bigger logs catch alight and gather enough heat to burn.

Overnight burning can also be an issue. As a basic rule, add your last log about 40 minutes before going to bed and don’t close the air vent completely.

“By feeding a small amount of air into the fire you will avoid unnecessary smouldering,” Ms Brown said.

“Understanding why your wood heater is smoking excessively can be simple and fixing the problem cost-effective.”

By following some basic rules you can dramatically reduce your wood heater’s smoke emissions.



1. Burn only dry, well-seasoned wood.

2. Allow full air for 15-20 minutes after each addition of wood.

3. Use kindling wood and firelighters to get the fire started.

4. Have your flue checked and cleaned annually.

5. Don’t close air supply overnight; a little air avoids a lot of smoke.

A free educational DVD is available from the AHHA National Office – just call (08) 8351 9288.

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