Monday, May 3rd, 2010

Outsourced Certificate of insurance tracking is now within the reach of small business following CertTracker’s removal of the minimum fee.
“Do you ensure that contractors and subcontractors have their own liability insurance?”
As the June insurance renewal period approaches many companies will be answering the above question in their renewal questionnaire with yes but very little thought regarding the amount of time and effort required to implement and run such a system.
Almost all companies use contractors, subcontractors or other suppliers in some operation of the business whether is it their cleaners, accountants or lawyers or even crucial business operations such as certain trades. Keeping track of the compliance requirements of these businesses is a time consuming process if it is undertaken at all.
For only $10 per contractor the whole business process can be outsourced to CertTracker who will on your behalf:
• Obtain the Certificates from contractors
• Check the certificates meet your specifications
• Maintain a database of the various certificates, updating on renewal
• Retaining certificates on file indefinitely to be retrieved when needed
Certificate tracking is not limited to insurance but also any compliance documentation needed to confirm the contractors is meeting their obligations including licences, accreditations and qualifications.

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CertTracker, Australia's insurance and compliance certificate tracking specialists.

CertTracker is a system to assist you to obtain, check and store the compliance information of your contractors, suppliers and other companies you rely on.

CertTracker isn't just a software Solution - Our trained consultants will check the certificates before sending them to you so you don't waste your time checking non-complying certificates.

CertTracker isn't just a consulting solution - The level of Automation in our system reduces the time we spend following up the certificates meaning we can keep track of your certificates for less than the labour cost of your staff doing it.

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