Thursday, December 13th, 2007

Sydney 13 December, 2007 - The IQ Business Group (IQ), a global provider of practical business solutions that maximise operational and technological efficiencies, today announced the launch of a new learning platform and performance support toolset for the Australian superannuation sector. The introduction of the learning platform and support suite will enable the development of methodologies and processes that address organisational and corporate culture change. These solutions are already in operation across a range of blue-chip South African organisations.
The learning platform and toolset incorporation into the IQ offering is the result of the company's 2007 acquisition of HPL Group (HPL), comprising of both Hi-Performance Learning (Pty) Ltd and CUDA Technologies (Pty) Ltd.
For IQ's CEO for Australia, Graham Sammells, the new offerings for the superannuation and superannuation administration sector reveal a tactical approach to conducting business. "The new learning platform uniquely integrates learning, performance and knowledge management capabilities to deliver a measurable business impact," Sammells outlined.
IQ will work with superannuation sector organisations to capture manual and systematic processes and procedures and assist them better understand and improve performance through lower staff error rates, lower time to competence and improved on the job support for their employees.
"For many organisations they will be able to better retain and share organisational knowledge with easy, measurable contributions to the system," continued Sammells.
IQ has introduced this learning platform and support toolset now to address the volatile and growing superannuation sector.
"The Australian market courtesy of its rapid and continued growth is characterised by haphazard systems and standards of operational administration. Many organisations have been fully occupied solely meeting the requirements for regulatory compliance and day-to-day business dealings. To address this challenge, The IQ Business Group has launched its new platform and performance toolset to better educate organisations that there is a better way to conduct business and improve staff training and outcomes at the same time," outlined Mr. Sammells.
There is currently intended to be three phases to the implementation of the new IQ platform and toolset. The first phase will address process and procedure mapping; the second phase will address knowledge management system implementation and the final phase will integrate the company's Learning Management System module.

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